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Music and good vibes are sometimes all it takes to make your day. What better way to do that than surrounding yourself with good beats and people than at a rave? Raves are not only just for music; to many people it means more, like spending time with amazing people and production. Here are ten reasons why raves are good for your soul!

Good Music

Of course, at the top of the list, raves are the place to be to experience music in its live form. You can listen and see some of your favorite DJs play your favorite songs. There is a vast difference between listening to music on headphones and live. Being surrounded by the beats and bass is a different experience that can bring happiness to your soul.

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Discover New Music and Genres

Raves are the perfect place to discover some new music, genres and DJs that you’ve never heard before. Especially at festivals, you’ll see so many different artists that you’ve never heard before, and sometimes you can end up at a cool set and discover a new favorite artist. 

Amazing Community

Going into a rave can be stressful and daunting, especially if there’s a massive crowd of strangers surrounding you. But once you’re in the crowd, you’ll realize that the community is filled with some of the most amazing and welcoming people.

People at raves spread good vibes and are there to help each other out and make sure every raver is having a good but safe time. You can meet and make so many rave friends that can turn into lifelong friends and that in itself is a plus of raves.

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Travel the World

Raves take place in many forms across the entire world. You’ll see so many festivals in different countries and some of them are unique and one-of-a-kind experiences that need to be experienced.

Going into raves can mean opening up opportunities to travel and visit other states and even countries. So many people will turn a festival or rave experience into a travel opportunity and many ravers will get to see not only the different rave experiences in different places, but also many parts of the world. Traveling will open up your mind to different cultures and experiences and overall is a great way to treat your soul.

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Raves are like a workout; oftentimes, you’ll end up standing and dancing for hours straight and sometimes multiple days in a row and that in itself is like a workout. Getting out and being able to dance to your heart’s content without anyone judging is so good for your soul and sometimes what you need after a stressful day or week!


The rave community is known for being able to express your creativity and style through fashion at raves. You can mix and match styles and even try something new. The rave scene is a judgment-free zone and you’re free to wear whatever you want and get creative with it too. Discover or create your own style through rave fashion and feel confident! Expressing your own self is so good for your soul.

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You’ll see many ravers, usually in the back of the crowd, performing lots of flow and gloving in sync with the music. There are many types, from hooping to baton-ing, gloving, and many more. Flow artists create their own art through their flow and raves are the perfect place to practice and show off your moves to the rest of the community and for yourself. Being able to express your own uniqueness in the form of flow is a great way to bring some joy to your soul.

Show Off Your Art and Creativity

At raves and festivals, people are wearing all kinds of outfits and accessories and sometimes, those are handmade and created. You’ll also see the art and beauty of ravers’ makeup and hair and those things can take hours to craft and create.

If you’re not artistic, you’ll find many boutique and small businesses at raves and festivals that will feature many different pieces of art and clothes for sale, which you can show off and support these artists everywhere. Owning or creating art in the rave scene is so good for your soul and the community as well.

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Many festivals and raves will have the opportunity to camp at the festival and that adds another layer of excitement to the rave experience. You’ll be surrounded entirely with ravers and be able to create a small community around you for the duration of the rave. Camping itself is a great way to bring some bliss to your soul and it allows you to embrace nature and be disconnected from technology and social media for a bit and to enjoy the present with some good people. 


Sometimes having a sense of community is so important for your soul as you can feel connected to your surroundings, no matter where you live. If you head to enough raves, you’ll start seeing the same faces and get the same vibes that are unique for every community.

Belonging to a community will allow you to be connected with similar people and make your heart full. You’ll start to want to be involved in your community and give back, and it’s nice to be part of something that is creating an amazing rave community for others as well.

Overall, raves are the perfect place to bring some content to your soul and you’ll be immersed with good vibes, music and people from all around. Being part of the rave scene leads to more opportunities and experiences that will allow you to make some of the best memories of your life that you’ll remember and cherish forever.

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