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May 12, 2022 | 0 COMMENTS

This year I attended the inaugural Project GLOW Festival as an iHeartRaves Unicorn. The iHeartRaves Unicorn Crew is a crew of ravers that go to raves and festivals together and organize meet ups and scavenger hunts, create memories and represent the iHeartRaves brand. I’ve always wanted to be a Unicorn, so when I saw on Instagram that iHeartRaves was recruiting for Project GLOW, I thought it was the perfect time to apply. I heard back in a few days and the weekend of a lifetime began!

I really vibed with the other three unicorns, which made for a very fun weekend. Shoutout to Madelena, Scarlet and Hayley, I had an awesome time getting to know you and raging with you! Attending a festival as a Unicorn was a completely unique way to experience a show. I always like to meet new people at festivals, but it was even easier as a Unicorn. Since we were encouraged to make friends, I definitely approached a lot more people than I would have normally. We all left with countless new rave buddies, even some from our hometowns!

Obviously, one of the coolest parts of being a Unicorn is getting personally styled outfits from iHeartRaves. Project GLOW was a two-day festival, so we each got two outfits. One was groovy themed and the other was more edgy. Both outfits were adorable and made me feel super confident.

It was clear the iHeartRaves team killed it with the outfit planning, because people were complimenting us on our style all weekend. From the moment we walked through the gates, we felt like celebrities. I didn’t realize just how well-known the Unicorn Crew was until experiencing it first-hand. So many people recognized us!

As for the festival itself, I think Insomniac and Club Glow did an insanely good job. I was definitely a little skeptical since it was the first time this event was being held, but it was executed very well. We met a lot of first-time ravers who were pumped to get into the scene and learn about rave culture. For the most part, the vibes were great and everyone was super nice.

The lineup was impressive, including big names like GRiZ, Seven Lions, and Martin Garrix. I loved how they had some local DJs performing in the mornings too. The venue was pretty small but the stages were far enough apart that there wasn’t much sound interference between them. Of course, there is always room for improvement with any festival. A bigger lineup, more vendors and interactive experiences could have enhanced the event. For a first time festival I think that Project GLOW was amazing, and I bet that it will get even better next year!

Overall, my weekend as an iHeartRaves Unicorn at Project Glow was unmatched. I made a ton of new friends, got to sport some spectacular outfits and dance all weekend. Being a Unicorn was such an incredible experience and I hope to do it again soon!

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