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Nocturnal Wonderland Fashion Guide

Nocturnal Wonderland Fashion Guide

You guys, Nocturnal Wonderland is returning to my favorite location this year,Glen Helen Regional Park for some camping, dancing and dressing up! The festival takes place over the weekend ofSeptember 14-15 in San Bernardino, CA and I can’t wait. I’ve had some really amazing experiences at Nocturnal, and I am so stoked to see what this year has in store.

To cover the basics, tickets are tiered, so get them early to get them at the lower prices, and camping passes must be purchased separately from wristband purchases.

Nocturnal Wonderland is one of those events where you need to make sure you check the weather week of for what to expect. It’s in September which means it could be warm at night or it could be cold once the sun sets. I’ve experienced both at Nocturnal, and you want to be fully prepared.   

I always recommend, no matter what event, packing some leggings with you and a scarf -- girls AND guys. They roll up super small and can end up saving you later if you’re cold. I’ve used my scarf as a maxi skirt before even! I always make sure my friends have a set too so we’re all ready to be as comfortable as possible all night long.

Whether you're looking to be a creature of the night, or radiate rainbow vibes throughout the weekend, there are hundreds of options when it comes to styling for Nocturnal Wonderland. Here are a few of my favorite ideas: 


Alice in Wonderland Theme

Alice in Wonderland Themed Outfits for Nocturnal Wonderland

I’ve styled a lot of Alice looks in the past; it’s always fun to pick a character and dress as a rave version of them. This time though, I wanted to create a look that’s clearly Alice in Wonderland inspired, but not a particular character.

My friends and I often find unique confetti, like this one with random cards and suit symbols to use as glitter!

Featured products: 

Spectrum Holographic Bodysuit: iHeartRaves, $31.96

Pair of Non-Slip Red Leg Wraps: iHeartRaves, $10.95

Place Your Bets Casino Confetti: Party City, $2.99

Classic Harley Quinn Seamless Mask: iHeartRaves, $5.95

Split Harley Quinn Mens T: iHeartRaves, $32.95

Men’s Disco Shorts: iHeartRaves, $41

Looking for moreAlice in Wonderland themed looks? iHeartRaves offers tons of options to create fun, whimsical themed-costumes.  

Street Wear

Nocturnal Wonderland Streetwear Looks

This look is for those of us who are looking to spend money on a look you can wear in and out of the rave. This is a more casual look, and pieces you can mix and match with for other casual looks later! Just throw on some glitter and fun shoes to make it a rave day look!


Featured Products

Pastel Princess Sunglasses: iHeartRaves, $12.95

Pearly Dreams Cut Offs: iHeartRaves, $32.95

Venice Beach Tie Front Tank: iHeartRaves, $6.95

Slayr Glitter Boots: YRU, $119.95

Cotton Candy Iridescent Glitter: Lunautics, $9.95

Dare to Bare

Nocturnal Wonderland Dare to Bear Looks

The title says it all! This is for the little rave babes out there who wanna flaunt their stuff! This look has a reflective hood and rose pasties as a slight nod to the Alice in Wonderland theme!

Add a red lip to take the look over the edge! This brand I’ve personally found to last ALL night, past drinking and maybe even a little kissing without having to reapply!


Featured products: 

Deep Reflection Hood: iHeartRaves, $59.95

Paint the Roses Red Pasties: Pastease, $10.95

Black Opal Front Panel Bottoms: iHeartRaves, $34.95

Miracle Matte Liquid Lip Color: Flower Beauty, $9


Rainbow Babe

Nocturnal Wonderland Rainbow Outfit Inspiration

Is it really a rave if there aren’t some crazy rainbow outfits? Nothing says PLUR more than a cute rainbow. Mixing colors in unexpected ways can have some awesome results! As long as you match the tone of the outfit pieces to the tone of the colors in your rainbow the pieces will create a styled look!

Featured products: 

Dreamy Rainbow Mesh Crop Top: iHeartRaves, $20.97

Shelly Cut out Booty Shorts: iHeartRaves, $11.50

Pair of Non-Slip Rainbow Leg Wraps: iHeartRaves, $11.95

Vinyl Fanny Pack: iHeatRaves, $42.95



Green Monochrome Outfit Ideas for Nocturnal Wonderland

Maybe wearing all the colors isn’t your style, so how about instead you rock one! I’ve seen so many cute looks styled by people who simply pick a color, and stick to it! This also makes styling an outfit super easy. Just stick to your color choice!

Featured products:  

Glitter Alien Pasties: Pastease, $9.95

Tie Dye Cut Out Bell Bottoms: iHeartRaves, $34.36

Mermaid Tears Holographic Glitter: Lunautics, $9.95

Clear Cat Eye Sunglasses: iHeartRaves, $10.95

Hologram Alien Backpack: iHeartRaves, $39.95

Zodiac Men’s Tank: iHeartRaves, $15.95

ELite EzLite 2.0 Glove Set: iHeartRaves, $39.95

Team Electric Seamless Mask: iHeartRaves, $9.95

Mermaid Lagoon Fanny Pack: iHeartRaves, $18.95


Creatures of the Night  

Nocturnal Wonderland Animal Themed Outfits

What’s your spirit animal? Are you a lone wolf? Flirty butterfly? Express your inner spirit animal with some awesome accessories from the iHR shop! Here are some of my favorites. I’ll definitely vouch for the butterfly wings, I wore them to Nocturnal one year and they were SO much fun!

Featured products: 

Husky Hood - Brown: iHeartRaves

Rainbow Butterfly Wings: iHeartRaves

Electric Galaxy Black Panther Hood: iHeartRaves

Giant Butterfly Wings: iHeartRaves

Stardust Galaxy Husky Fur Vest: iHeartRaves


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