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February 01, 2022 | 1 COMMENTS

The first few weeks of 2022 have been full of unbelievably good new music. From singles to bonus tracks to albums, we’ve got plenty of recent releases to add to your favorite playlist. If you fall in love with these tracks as much as we did, you’ll probably be looking for tickets to see them live ASAP. We’ve paired each release with the perfect outfit, piece or accessory to wear to the tour, so you can look your best while dancing the night away!

Onyx by Excision

This entire album is a must listen for Excision fans. It just dropped on January 13 but we’ve already played it all the way through at least 100 times. You can definitely hear Excision’s signature mechanical sound throughout, but he also gets creative with changes in bpm, melodic drops and vocals. The more emotional “Temporary Blue” is followed by “Reborn,” an absolute neck-breaker. A lot of the songs also have a spoken word element that is guaranteed to hype up any crowd and build the excitement.

The look: Leave U Breathless Outfit

Every track on Onyx radiates intensity and your outfit should do the same. This all black outfit will have you looking and feeling fearless for the ultimate dubstep adventure.

Fractals by Subtronics

Before we even had time to process Onyx, Subtronics dropped Fractals the next day. After listening to this album, we can confirm another great release for the dubstep community. Fractals was trending on Twitter almost immediately after its release, and for good reason. Every song on it is a banger. This was Subtronics’ debut album and it really showcases his range. Listen to “Take Flight VIP” and “Hieroglyph” and you’ll hear just how successful Subtronics was experimenting with different sound elements, such as frequency and vocal tone.

reflective chaps

The look: Go Get ‘Em Reflective Chaps

Subtronics used this album to show off his assets and you should do the same! You’re sure to be noticed in any crowd in these reflective chaps. Pair them with your favorite booty short set and prepare for an epic journey through “Spacetime.”

Forget About Me by Diplo, Aluna and Durante

Moving away from dubstep and onto house, Diplo, Aluna and Durante gifted us with “Forget About Me” on the same day Subtronics gave us Fractals. Needless to say, it was an awesome day. This song is the ideal soundtrack for chilling on a beach. The use of steel drums creates a tropical vibe that is bound to help you embrace the sun or mentally escape the winter.

The look: Purple Plurmaid Outfit

The Purple Plurmaid Outfit completely matches the vibes of “Forget About Me.” The long wig, mirrored triangle top and flowy maxi skirt will make you feel like you’re getting ready for a day at the beach.

Menace by Rezz

Rezz blessed us with her newest album, Spiral, back in November but just hit us with a bonus track on January 7. Spiral was already an elite album, featuring collabs with a ton of artists like PEEKABOO and PVRIS. The addition of Menace really tied it together. Menace is exactly the kind of hypnotic track we would expect from Space Mom and it fits flawlessly with the rest of the album. Listen for those gritty basslines and mesmerizing tempo that we all know and love in Rezz’s music.

The look: Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles

Rezz is known for her iconic light up goggles, so obviously you need a similar pair to show your support! These have over 350 light modes to help you match the vibe of any song she throws at you.


For the first time in five years, NGHTMRE dropped a new EP on January 21. UNSOUND EP is just what we needed as we patiently await his album. This EP features four tracks, all collabs with other artists. “Euphoria” and “Sweetest Things” are lighter and more pop-esque while things get a little heavier with “Signal” and “Ring the Alarm.” These are all going to be great songs to hear live. The beat of “Signal” is set up for the ultimate laser show and the use of synths in “Ring the Alarm” is sure to boost the crowd’s energy.

The look: Sky Full of Stars PVC Mini Skirt

This glittery mini skirt is the perfect thing to wear when you see NGHTMRE. His EP is full of collabs, and this skirt comes in four colors so you can work with your rave crew to build a killer set of matching outfits! To complete the look, you can check out the Sky Full of Stars PVC Corset Top or Underboob Corset.

After these exceptional releases in the first few weeks of 2022, we are even more excited to see what the rest of the year will bring. For now, you have 133 minutes worth of bangers to get you through your day, and an outfit to wear when you see them live. Happy headbanging!


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