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Live music is one of my favorite things in the world. Hearing your favorite artists play a set while dancing with your friends under flashing lights and watching hundreds of other people do the same thing is one of the most beautiful feelings one can experience. While many of us have become accustomed to doing this every weekend or going to every local show or festival, COVID-19 has kept us, ravers, away from enjoying what we love most. It has become quite disheartening to watch the cancellations of countless festivals, and with the recent droppings of  Coachella, Bass Canyon, and Lost Lands, and it starting to look hopeless for the 2020 festival season to return. With all the negativity going on around the world, it can be difficult to find the positives in the situation we have been put in. Here are a few things you can do to hopefully make this time a little more bearable and bring some positivity into your life!


Since music is one of the things we love the most, now is a great time to explore all of the music you already know and love, but as well as find new artists and sounds. I have found that both Spotify and Soundcloud are super helpful for finding new music as you can make a radio station from a song you already enjoy and they will bring up similar music that you will hopefully like. You can also follow iHeartRaves on Spotify if you wanna look through some playlists for new music! I have recently also been making lots of playlists as I find it super relaxing to go through all the songs I have and putting them into categories for my moods or different activities. Music is also proven to help release dopamine as well as reduce heart rate and anxiety, so for those of you who are feeling down or stressed right now, put those headphones in and get listening.


I have found meditation and mindfulness very helpful tools to staying positive during COVID. For a lot of people meditating is difficult, but once you start getting into it, it gets a lot easier. Clearing your mind is not as easy as it seems, so one way I practice meditating is by just focusing on the inhale and exhale of my breath. When I first began practicing meditation, I was pretty uncomfortable because it’s hard for me to sit still and be quiet, so I started wearing my pashmina and sitting on my bed to make myself feel more comfortable, so definitely find a way to make yourself feel at peace whether that means you surround yourself with pillows and blankets, put headphones in, or sit outdoors.


At the beginning of my time social distancing, I was feeling super down, mostly because I felt my time was being wasted and I was bored. I quickly realized that with all of the extra time that quarantining gave me, I could be productive by educating myself and trying new hobbies and I quickly began to feel better.

Some things I found interest in that you guys might like are painting, dancing, reading, writing, and making music. There are endless topics to read and expand your knowledge on during this time so find something that you are passionate about and learn!

trippy painting

Painting is also something I have been doing that has made my mood better. Creating something is a nice feeling so I recommend trying out some art, even if it's just scribbling with some crayons, art can be a good way to get out all of the built up emotions you have. You can also create things while you listen to your favorite music - whether you paint to Svdden Death or draw to Deorro or bring out your old kandi beads, find something that makes you feel good. Looking for a new rave hobby? Take this quiz to find the perfect rave hobby for you!

making kandi




Exercise helps create dopamine and other endorphins that help make you happy, so if you have been stuck in your bed feeling during COVID, try to get up and start moving. I know not all types of exercise work for everyone, but there are so many different kinds, so hopefully you can find one that works for you! Running, swimming, hiking, walking, biking, lifting weights, stretching and yoga, are just a few examples you can try.

I also have been watching countless youtube videos on how to shuffle and dance and it has been really fun and really satisfying to watch myself get better and better! Dancing also helps release endorphins that make you happier, and I know you guys all miss hitting the dance floor.

We also never know when festival season is going to come back around, so let’s get in shape in hope that it comes around soon. If you're looking for some ways to integrate the dance floor into your workout, try these ideas for EDM fitness workouts.



Although these times are hard on all of us, all we can do is make the best out of the situation we are in. We all miss raving lots, but hopefully we will be able to return to live music soon, and in the meantime attend a Drive-in rave if you have the opportunity! Creating a routine or doing activities that make you smile are what we need to do to remain positive at this time. Just remember things will get better, be kind, and spread love, especially in a time of so much hate. Stay healthy and happy out there and remember to wear a mask!

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