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Alright rave babes... we have officially made it to 2020, which means festival season is approaching and it’s time to get our ‘fit together! Not only is “working out” universally one of the most popular New Year's resolutions, but it is also the resolution that is most often quit. But don’t stress, we’ve provided four unique ways to shape up and help you attain your New Year's fitness goals this year-- in classic iHeartRaves fashion of course! 

4-Step Rave Booty

Rave Booty

If you’re working towards that killer rave booty then LISTEN UP! Repetition of squats is the foundation for achieving the ultimate peachy bum, and all it takes is four simple steps: SQUAT, HYDRATE, KANDI, REPEAT:

Step 1: Choose a squat routine that works best for you (health experts recommend doing 1-3 sets of 10-20 squats per workout session, but increase/decrease the amount per interval to accommodate to your fitness level and booty goals). To start your interval training, complete one set of squats. 

Step 2: Hydrate! Just like we stay hydrated on rave day, your body will appreciate some water during a workout. 

Step 3: If you are a major kandi snob, then this one's for you. While you give your booty a break, make a kandi to trade. It helps to prep your kandi beads and string before beginning the workout so that step 3 remains to be a short but productive resting period. 

Step 4: Repeat!

Raver Making Kandi


And that’s it! Not only do you conclude your training sesh with a killer booty routine, but you also get to flex some new kandi pieces. This four-step drill can be modified for any form of exercise, so take your favorite fitness routine or create your own combination of planks, squats, and crunches, and BOOM, you’ve got yourself a custom circuit training!

Everyday I’m Shuffle’n

Shuffling for Beginners


If you’re like me, then the dance floor is your gym (because working out at fitness centers just gives me resting gym face). Shuffling is THE dance of the EDM world, and not only does shuffling look fly AF, but it makes for a lively fitness routine. Shuffling strengthens both the mind and body and can be tough to master, however, there are many resources out there to help:

Youtube - 

Instagram shufflers and members of the iHeartRaves family - 

Click here to shop shoes so you can find your go-to kicks and shuffle like a boss. 

**Don’t get discouraged, nobody ever said shuffling was easy! It is a workout, a mind game, and an art all in one. There are tons of YouTube tutorials and routines for you to follow along with, and linked above are my favorite ones. Also, check out some of the rave community's own shufflers on Instagram for motivation and inspiration throughout your shuffling endeavors. 

It’s Hoop ‘o Clock

Hooper in the Gym


A big contributor to the rave culture is the immense passion surrounding flow arts. Flow arts encompasses a variety of movement-based disciplines, such as use of the orbit, pixelwhip, levitation wand, gloves, poi, and of course, the hula hoop.

Hooping is an art form that welcomes beginners and provides opportunity for mastery. Hooping is an amazing work out because not only does it require physical effort from all parts of the body, but the technique it requires is a great challenge on the mind. If you think hooping could be your next hobby and form of fitness, try incorporating 30-60 minutes of hooping into your daily routine. Check out some of our favorite Youtube tutorials and EDM hoopers for inspo:

Youtube -

Instagram hoopers and members of the iHeartRaves family -

Here are a few words of advice to all you hoopers out their from our girl @daisy_dewdrops:

You'll never stop dropping your hoop, trust me... but that’s OK! It's OK to lose your grip and send your circle flying into the crowd or smack yourself in the face so hard you break your brand new sunglasses. It happens. One thing I always remind myself is that you miss 100% of the tricks you don't throw. Not totally mastering a move today is more progress than you would make never trying at all. So, find YOUR flow! And always remember, it's not about the size of your circle but the love that's made in it.”

Activewear is the New Black

Activewear for the New Year

iHeartRaves Activewear Collection

Whether you’re flexin’ hardcore cardio or a relaxing walk to lunch, why not do it in style? iHeartRaves just released their latest in activewear and it is has strength written all over it!

The combinations of athletic leggings, tops, and shoes are endless, ranging from slick black to bright pops of color. You can rock these looks no matter where you exercise, from your favorite workout class to weights in the comfort of your own home.

**Raver pro tip: to prepare for your next fest, commit to working out to a playlist featuring your must-see artists so that you can not only get pumped up for your upcoming event, but get familiar with the songs, providing for an unforgettable show. 

Black Matching Athletic Gear

Click here to shop iHeartRaves athletic ‘fits. 

To the entire EDM community, iHeartRaves wishes you a happy new year and the best of luck with all of your 2020 resolutions! You all have the power, determination, and support to reach your goals, and we can’t wait to see you achieve them.

Make sure to use #ihrstyled and tag @iheartraves throughout your journey of fitness, flow arts, and fashion!

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