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Holographic Rave Outfit Inspiration

Holographic Rave Outfit Inspiration

 If there’s one thing that gets me hyped while getting ready for a rave, it’s putting together a killer rave outfit. Festival fashion is a huge reason why I was so drawn to raves in the first place.

Before I really got into EDM festivals, I was still trying to figure out who I was as a person. When a group of my friends decided to take me to my first rave, I was worried about whether or not I would fit in with the crowd. I remember my first question to my friends was, “well, what should I wear?”

The answer is what got me hooked on festivals before I even stepped foot in the event center. 

“Anything you want,” they replied.

This is why I am in love with rave culture. You can wear absolutely anything you want, with no judgement and no hate, just a ton of compliments from loving strangers.

After expressing myself with countless outfits and styles, holographic fashion is one trend that always sticks out for me. I love seeing people in holographic clothing, and I love feeling like a shooting star shuffling through space whenever I wear it.

Holographic fashion is one of those staples in festival attire that never seems to get old, and always fills me with a ton of confidence.

iHeartRaves has a ton of majesticholographic pieces to choose from. Whether you’re a bodysuit babe, a cropped top cutie or booty short beauty, iHR has exactly what you need to be a certified space babe.

This past December, I had the privilege of doing my first iHeartRaves Snapchat takeover (which was way too much fun, BTW)! During the takeover, I was a holographic honey in one of my favorite festival outfits of all time:

Holographic Bodysuit with Metallic Booty Shorts

Compliments came pouring in throughout the entire night. One girl even told me she spotted me from across the room, and raced over to tell me how much she loved my outfit (10/10 for being so PLUR).  

For this look, I wore the Pixie High Cut Hooded BodySuit,Silver Metallic Rave Booty Shorts, paired with theHella Holographic Fanny Pack, all from iHeartRaves.(Please note, the Pixie High Cut Hooded BodySuit is no longer available, but there are still tons of holographic bodysuits to choose from!).

My favorite part about holographic fashion at events is how all of the lights reflect off the clothing with every move you make. This outfit really made me feel like a constellation of stars shining in the night. If you want to sparkle and shine during your next fest, here are a few different ways you can recreate this shimmery look:


Holographic Hero Outfit

Rock the Silver Dreamer Fanny Pack for indoor events and the Hella Holographic Hydration Pack for outdoor fests! (I wore this hydro-pack to Shambhala).

Holographic Festival Accessories

Shop This Look:

  • J. Valentine Fairy Lace Up Hooded Bodysuit:
  • Demonia Hella Holographic Platform Boots
  • Hella Holographic Hydration Pack
  • Silver Dreamer Fanny Pack

  • Lavender Holographic Honey Outfit:

    Lavender Holographic Rave Outfit with Holographic Skirt

    Shop this look:




     Sporty Angel Holographic Outfit:


    Sporty Holographic Outfit



    Shop this look:

  • Lovin' Lavender Leggings
  • Holographic Sporty Cut Out Crop Top
  • YRU Matrixx White Atlantis Sneakers

  • BONUS LOOK: Badass Holographic Rave Outfit

    Badass Holographic Rave Outfit

    Shop these items:

  • Metallic Rave Booty Shorts (in Black)
  • Galactic Glitter Mesh Top
  • Holographic Studded Heart Leg Garters
  • Fence Net Thigh Highs
  • Holographic Chain Captain Hat

    Still looking for more Holographic inspiration? Check out these looks below: 

    Holographic Harness and Rhinestone Bottoms

    Holographic Monokini with Cut Out Center

    Holographic Love Triangle Monokini

    Lavender Holographic Matching Set

    Twinkle In Your Eyes Crop Top, Twinkle in Your Eyes High Waisted Shorts

    holographic harness and metallic shorts

    Sweetheart Holographic Harness, Hologram Metallic Shorts

    J. Valentine Prismatic Crop Top

    J. Valentine Prismatic Crop Top, J. Valentine Prismatic High Waisted Bottoms

    What’s your favorite holographic outfit? Show us your shine below!

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