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beyond wonderland outfit style guide

Go Beyond with Your Beyond Wonderland Outfits

Beyond Wonderland, held at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California is an annual spring festival that’s been a mainstay in rave culture since its inception many years ago. For many of us in SoCal, this event marks the start of festival season. Year after year, the Insomniac Events team creates new ways to explore the theme of Wonderland. One of the most fun ways to participate in this event is to dress the part.

There are many ways to invoke the Spirit of Wonderland. You can be a beloved character like the Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Alice, or even Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (a cute version, of course!). You can be an animal like the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, or a butterfly, caterpillar or flamingo. You can even be a plant such as a white or red rose or a mushroom. Don’t forget, Alice in Wonderland was a book series before it was a Disney movie. There are tons of other elements and characters most people don’t think of such as the White Queen or the menacing Jabberwocky.

Overall, the most important thing to remember is, have fun with it! Themes are a way to really get creative, step outside our comfort zones and let our freak flags fly.



There are SO many ways to give off Alice vibes in your look. From our White Open Front Skirt, Hologram Electro High Waisted Booty Shorts and Rolita Couture Ethereal Wrap Top in blue to the outfit below, the key to this rave costume is all in the color palette. Make sure you wear mostly blue and white with black accents. Also be sure to top it off with blue, silver & clear glitter and festival face gems.

Beyond Wonderland 2018 Outfit Inspiration - Raver Alice in Wonderland Look

Shop our Raver Alice Outfit.



If you’re a queen at heart, this is the perfect look for you. Focus on red, black and gold with glamorous and sparkling elements. We have a variety of thigh highs and hosiery options to make your rave outfit pop. Of course, make sure to top it all off with a crown, a red lip and a lot of attitude.

Beyond Wonderland 2018 iHeartRaves Outfit Inspiration - Queen of Hearts Look

Shop the Queen of Hearts Outfit.


The white and black checkered floor is a Wonderland signature. You can use the famous image of the chess board to inspire your look. The key is to pile on the black and white. You could also add these trippy Woven Opaque Striped Optical Illusion Thigh Highs.

Beyond wonderland themed outfit - checker board

Mesh Halter Top, Trippy Star Pasties,  Rolita Couture Arcadia Bottoms,  Elevation Platforms.


Feeling kooky, loopy and just a bit spooky? Take on the wonder and whimsy of the Mad Hatter. Legend has it that the Mad Hatter was actually based on the fact that hat makers in the 1700s were going crazy from the mercury they used while creating their designs. Keep your color palette dark with burgundy, black and a pop of rainbow for a magical effect. Don't forget the festival face jewels and glitter makeup!

Beyond Wonderland 2018 Rave Outfit Inspiration - Mad Hatter Festival Look
Shop the Mad Hatter Outfit.

Get your whole rave squad decked out for maximum effect. It’s so much more fun when you’re all dressed up together!

Beyond Wonderland 2018 outfit inspirations



You’ve just got a ticket for a very special kind of trip & you want to honor that in your ensemble. Get dark and psychedelic by adding a pop of neon to a black and strappy outfit.  Pair the below skirt with our Micro Cut Out Booty Shorts and don our Fetish Leash & Collarand our Bondage Platform Shoes for an added edge.

Criss Cross Net Halter, Space Babe Skirt, Neon Glitter Mushroom Pasties, Diamond Net Stockings




For a funky and playful look, channel everyone’s favorite mischievous trickster, the Cheshire Cat. Dark purple and black create a sexy look while a classic purple and baby pink will also do the trick. Just remember, festival face jewels and fuzzy cat ears are a must!

Beyond Wonderland 2018 Rave Outfit - Purple Chesire Cat Festival Look
Shop the Chesire Outfit.


Although the original white rabbit wore orange and green, the raver way to take on this rave costume is to take the words, "White Rabbit," literally and wear all white with pops of black. You could also add pastel elements such as pale pink or lavender. Whatever palette you choose, these clock socks are a must.

Beyond Wonderland 2018 iHeartRaves Outfit - White Rabbit Festival look

Shop the Down the Rabbit Hole Outfit.


Paint the Roses Outfit 

If your style is more sophisticated and classy, take on one of the most iconic scenes in Wonderland when the Queen of Hearts makes her cards & Alice paint the roses red. You can either wear our white Scorpio Bottoms or our Hologram Electro Booty Shorts in silver to complete the look. Add a white flower crown dipped in red glitter for maximum effect.

Red Leg Wraps, Paint the Roses Red Pasties, Disco Trim Mesh Halter, Eden Skirt

At the end of the day, anything goes at Beyond Wonderland! So just makes sure to have fun with dressing up!

Beyond Wonderland 2018 Themed iHeartRaves Outfits for Raves and Music Festivals


Don't miss out on the fun! Tickets to Beyond Wonderland are still available


All Photos by Haley Busch.





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