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The official beginning of festival season is looking…. curiouser and curiouser. Are you ready to follow the white rabbit to a realm of royal weirdos and mad hatters? Beyond Wonderland returns for its 10th anniversary at the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino, CA on Friday, March 20th & Saturday, March 21st. 

Beyond Wonderland has earned its well-deserved spot among my list of all time favorite festivals and I can’t wait to journey back for my fourth year. It presents the perfect setting to unveil your inner lunatic among the court of insane artists, bizarre performers, and crazy vibes. Whether you’re a frequent Wonderland resident or have yet to stumble down the rabbit hole, there are plenty of reasons to secure your ticket for this year’s fest. 

Here are three magical reasons to travel to Beyond Wonderland: 


1. The Alice in Wonderland Theme:

“I’m not crazy. My reality is just different than yours.” You’ll be smiling as big as the Cheshire Cat when you walk through the gates of Beyond completely immersed in the new reality that is Wonderland. Beyond has become one of Insomniac’s most iconic fests of the year with a large part of that success being devoted to the theme. 

Walking through the gates you’ll see an array of vibrant flowers, larger than life-sized chess pieces, trippy patterns, and one wandering giant caterpillar. The decor is pulled straight from your imagination and the kooky characters wandering the grounds are sure to make you question if you’ve stumbled into a storybook. 

Beyond Wonderland Character Performers

Photo Credit: Insomniac Events/Beyond Wonderland

With a great picturesque environment comes even greater opportunities to flaunt your fashion. Beyond boasts one of the year’s best opportunities to get creative with your rave wear. Do you dream of being a fabulous flamingo, butterfly babe, raving rabbit, or The Alice herself? iHeartRaves has got you covered for any wild creation you want to whip up. Check out this blog article featuring Beyond Wonderland Outfit Inspiration!

Beyond Wonderland Outfit Inspiration

Get inspired with this Hoppin' Hottie Outfit


2. The Lineup

I’ve been more than impressed with Beyond Wonderland’s lineups in the past, and this year is no different. This year’s artists include a diverse list of top DJs from just about every genre of EDM. From bass to house to techno to trance, there will always be something that will perk up your ears and entice you to join a stage. 

Beyond Wonderland Lineup 2020

With a lineup this stacked, it will definitely be difficult to choose who to lock in on your setlist. I highly recommend listening to a few tracks from each artist, especially the ones you might not be familiar with. You never know who you might become a fan of early on in their music career! But if you would like some choice opinions, here are a few artists I’m mad as a hatter over: 

Infected Mushroom (Live)

The most anticipated on my list is Infected Mushroom. Their funky psytrance beats are enough to keep me groovin' like a maniac. Not to mention, their live sets include a full band on stage which always brings an infectious excitement to a set’s atmosphere.



The announcement of Mija on a lineup sparked my attention immediately. Even though she plays around the globe, I personally haven’t seen her on a SoCal lineup in years. She quickly grabs your attention with her creative sets and holds it with her unique drops. While she started off her career in house, her sound has crossed and melded genres, leaving a show that will always defy expectations in only the best way.



Heading to a Kayzo set is always a good idea. Whether you want a quick pick me up, a face-melting show, or literally want to lose your head, Kayzo is your man to get the job done. His incredible sound of hard bass paired with mind-blowing visuals brings an energy like no other that washes over the crowd and gets everyone on their feet.


3. The Experience

Out of all the festivals I’ve attended, Beyond Wonderland always seems to bring the best vibes among the volunteers, employees, artists, and attendees. This is one of the first festivals that kick off the year and everyone is rested and ready to start the season with incredible energy. 

Rides at Beyond Wonderland

Photo Credit: Insomniac Events/Beyond Wonderland 

This festival has so many perks, including: interactive art, a beautiful venue with trippy decorations, insanely flamboyant characters, themed-rides, and 4+ breathtaking stages. Beyond’s main stages diversify the venue’s various sounds while always dispelling crowds. Not to mention each stage is well covered in case of the (pretty unlikely) chance of bad weather. 

Mainstage at Beyond Wonderland

Photo Credit: Insomniac Events/Beyond Wonderland 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets, pack up your “Drink Me” potion, and dive headfirst down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland. See you there! 

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