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Beyond Wonderland 2018: Down the Rabbit Hole with Rave Fashion

Beyond Wonderland 2018: Down the Rabbit Hole with Rave Fashion

Beyond Wonderland set the bar for rave fashion! The fashion was at epic levels March 16 & 17, 2018 in San Bernardino despite the cold and rain! Ladies and gents were done hibernating for the winter and ready to bust out the glitter and wear all the colors of the rainbow!

It was honestly a field day taking photos this year. I love all the trends right now and they were in full force. Faux fur coats were a must as the temps dropped to the low 50s each night, but under those coats were an array of outfits, from pasties to graphic tees.

Let’s check out some of my favorite looks, and of course, links to buy pieces on the iHeartRaves shop! You’re gonna die over some of these outfits, and lucky for you, festival season is just beginning! Let’s dive into the trends.


Faux Furs Layers

Layering was key for Beyond Wonderland. It was pretty chilly at night and then once inside the stage spaces you did warm up a little. Faux fur jackets were the perfect way to do this, and there are so many awesome ones out now, and at reasonable prices, it’s super easy to invest in one yourself for all your events!
Shagadelic Faux Fur CoatTake Flight Faux Fur CoatHollywood Faux Fur Coat, Empire Cropped Faux Fur Shrug


Mesh style pieces are super on trend still. Personally, I love them. You can wear pasties underneath or maybe a bodysuit. There’s lots of ways to layer with mesh too, it can be just the addition of a skirt, or a whole outfit.
Tie Dye Unicorn Suit with Mesh Skirt
Lorelei Sequin Mesh Halter Top

Crazy Kandi

Kandi making is something that I’ve learned I am no expert in. I can make a few cute singles, but there are some people who have such an amazing sense of 3D art that they build structures with their cuffs. Kandi is in full force at Insomniac Events and I love that they let everyone bring it in. It’s such a random part of the EDM community and it’s purely creative.


What Cold?

There’s always going to be those people who don’t layer, and God bless them -they own it! I always say, whatever the look is that you’re going to rock, make sure you’re going to OWN it and it doesn’t matter! Confidence shines!
Floral Enchantress Top, Open Front Fringe Maxi Skirt
Aries Goddess Scrunch Back Booty ShortsOpaque Thigh High Tights with Bow
Opal Holographic Bodysuit

Themed Outfits

It will always be in style to rock the theme of the event. There are a million ways to do it too which makes it exciting to go to an event that has the same theme over and over again. I’ve done Alice in Wonderland myself a few times, and each time, I find a new way to rock it!

Sparkly Makeup

Glitter, sequins, rhinestones, the more the better this festival season. Last year we were kind of just throwing it all over, this year it’s more organized and structured. Also, guys are getting into it too, which is great! Now the whole squad can reminisce about the rave that was 3 weeks ago as they continue to find glitter in EVERYTHING.
Long Panda Hood

All photos shot by me!

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