Festival Recap: Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2021
Photo Credit: Stephen Bondio for Insomniac Events
Julia Sachs | November 12, 2021

Festival Recap: Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2021

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas celebrated its 10th birthday in 2021, but it was the 25th EDC Anniversary. Hands down, EDC is the best festival in the country—from the amazing production to the carnival rides—and of course the incredibly diverse lineup—this festival has it all. Continue Reading
queer artists
Photo Credit: Pexels
Julia Sachs | June 18, 2021

Pride Month: 5 Queer Artists We Love

To honor pride month, this article will be dedicated to several queer artists who are currently slaying in the industry. Continue Reading
Most Embarrassing Raver Moments: Part 2
Kellie Burch | July 22, 2020

Most Embarrassing Raver Moments: Part 2

This year's festival season is consistent of live streams and drive-in raves which has a lot of us feeling out of place. The whole world is so different right now so let’s think about all the good times that we have had. We have so many stories that we can tell, so here are some people who want to share theirs. 

I have, once again, collected the most embarrassing raver stories I could find for this article. Let’s dive in now, shall we?

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EDC Las Vegas: Memories Over the Years
Photo Credit: Insomniac Events
Kellie Burch | May 10, 2020

EDC Las Vegas: Memories Over the Years

As many of you can relate, I was absolutely heartbroken when I found out EDC had to be rescheduled. In order to lift my spirits, I thought it would be fun to reminisce about some of the beautiful moments that take place at EDCLV. In this article, you can take a look at some photos from the past decade from ravers around the world and read what their favorite parts about EDCLV are!

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Lost Lands at Nightime
Photo Credit: Lost Lands & MATTHENRYVIDEO
Kellie Burch | April 20, 2020

Counting Down to the Days to Lost Lands 2020

After throwing down in my living room during Couch Lands last week, it's safe to say I am more prepared than ever for Lost Lands 2020. Here's why I'm looking forward to attending Lost Lands for the first time ever! Continue Reading
EDCLV Statue
Photo Credit: EDC / Insomniac Events
Kellie Burch | March 11, 2020

Six facts to get you excited about EDCLV2020

Electric Daisy Carnival celebrates its 10th year in Las Vegas, Nevada. As the biggest Music Festival in the United States, its journey to earn this title is well deserved. Insomniac has sparked a community filled with love, art, & music so infectious EDC's electric-sky has spread across the globe, but it all comes back home to EDCLV - May 15th - 17th. Continue Reading
EDM wedding at ABGT
Photo Credit: Orhun
Kellie Burch | February 14, 2020

8 Heart-Warming Rave Proposals

Festivals and raves are the funnest, happiest times of our lives, and are filled with - love! This article is dedicated to those who picked a festival to express their love to their significant other. I’ve gathered some stories of proposals from your fellow ravers to share with you this Valentine's Day.

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Excision Live
Photo Credit: Rukes
Kellie Burch | December 29, 2019

WA remains the “Bass Capital” with Excision’s Thunderdome

Last year, Excision shook the Pacific Northwest with a super heavy bass lineup during his premier event, Thunderdome, and he is back to do the same this year. Thunderdome is back for TWO days this year: January 31st and February 1st at the Tacoma Dome (45 minutes south of Seattle, WA). Read why this year is going to be twice the fun!

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Song Inspired Outfits: Resolution Festival  2020
Kellie Burch | December 01, 2019

Song Inspired Outfits: Resolution Festival 2020

Next month, thousands of ravers will flock to the WaMU Theater in Seattle, Washington for one last epic rave of 2019: Resolution. Trust me when I say that Seattle doesn’t mess around when it comes to themed-events and Resolution is no exception. I can guarantee that a HUGE majority of the people attending this event will be wearing white and gold themed outfits. In order for you not to feel left out, I’ve compiled a list of some must-have gold and white accessories, as well as some complete gold-and-white-themed outfits.

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Resolution 2019: 4 Reasons to Get Excited
Photo Credit: Parallax & USC Events
Kellie Burch | November 21, 2019

Resolution 2019: 4 Reasons to Get Excited

Resolution is the New Years' Festival here in Seattle, WA. This year, the festival will be held on Tuesday, December 31st at the WaMu Theater in Seattle, WA. We have amazing acts such as Adventure Club and Madeon (DJ Set)and many more! While there may be many New Year's Eve festivals happening all across the country, here are four reasons why you should pick Resolution. Continue Reading
Freaknight in Seattle, WA
Photo Credit: Parallax and USC Events
Kellie Burch | October 15, 2019

5 sets you shouldn’t miss at Freaknight

It’s the spooky season, and you know what that means..time for Freaknight. Freaknight is Seattle’s annual Halloween-festival tradition, and this year is going to be nothing short of incredible. USC Events does a fantastic job of creating an immersive and frightening experience with a diverse lineup that anybody can enjoy. Here are the top 5 sets you shouldn’t miss this year at Freaknight. Continue Reading
Bass Canyon 2019 - One of the BEST Festivals of the Year
Photo Credit: Bass Canyon
Kellie Burch | September 08, 2019

Bass Canyon 2019 - One of the BEST Festivals of the Year

Bass Canyon 2019 was one for the books. The 2nd annual Excision hosted event made me so excited for the future. This festival will continue growing as the bass scene continues to thrive in the PNW. This year was exponentially better than last year, you could see the growth in the production, lineup and overall vibe of the festival.   Continue Reading