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Drive-In Music Festivals - Everything You Need to Know

Drive-In Music Festivals - Everything You Need to Know

Although festivals are being canceled and rescheduled across the world, ravers have been fortunate enough to still experience some aspects of raving through festivals via Live Streams. But, what about taking it one step further and hosting a drive-in rave? Well, welcome to the future - drive-in festivals are officially happening across the country!

The drive-in rave concept is similar to that of a drive-in movie theater, except instead of watching a film, you can watch a live set from the comfort and safety of your car.

So, what do you need to know about drive-in festivals? We’ve got you covered in this article!


Where are drive-in raves happening in the US?

Here is a list of drive-in festivals that have been announced so far: 


Road Rave (Orlando)

Presented by Disco Donnie, this event will take place on June 6th. The Road rave lineup features Carnage, Riot Ten, Blunts & Blondes, Nitti Gritti & GraveDGR.

road rave


Dubstep Drive-In

When: June 11

Where:Holiday Twin Drive-in Theatre, Fort Collins

Colorado's first drive-in rave will take place on Saturday, June 11th in Fort Collins. Don't miss out on this bangin' lineup that includes Midnight Tyrannosaurus!

dubstep drive in


No Parking on the Dance Floor (Tusla, OK)

When: Thursday, 6/11

Where:The Admiral Twin Drive-in, Oklahoma 

Start your weekend off early at Tusla's first drive-in rave, featuring Herobust and Lucii! Get tickets here.

no parking on the dance floor - oklahoma


No Parking on the Dance Floor (North Carolina)

When: Thursday, 6/25

Where: Kings Mountain, North Carolina

Disco Donnie just announced ANOTHER "No Parking on the Dance Floor" event, this time taking place in North Carolina. Don't miss the heat from headliners, Subtronics & Boogie T. 


EDM Drive-In

When: June 26 & 27th

Where: Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio Texas

EDM Fiesta will host San Antonio's first drive-in rave, taking place on June 26th & 27th and a portion of the proceeds will benefitAeuda,The Rey Feo Scholarship Foundation, andThe Whet Foundation.

Stay tuned for a lineup announcement!


How to Maximize You Car Rave Experience-

Just like any other EDM event, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative! Think of your car as your campground for the evening. Here are some ideas to 'pimp your ride'! 

  • Make it fun by bringing some LED lights or holiday lights that are battery operated!
  • While you can’t have an actual totem at the event, you can still keep the totem spirit alive by decorating some signs and putting them up in your car window (once you are safely parked)!
  • Since you’ll be sitting for a long time, I’d recommend bringing some comfy, fuzzy cushions to relax on.
  • If you’re bringing an SUV, put the first row of seats down to maximize leg room!

What to Wear to a Drive-in Rave? 

Since you'll be sitting down in your car most of the time, make sure to wear something comfortable. Anything from the drive-in raves collection will be perfect!

Check out these looks for inspiration: 

@paigevcox in our Fairy Dust Underboob Crop TopFairy Dust High Waisted Garter Shorts

@journeying.jess in our Liquid Tripp Sporty Cut Out Crop TopLiquid Tripp Hi-Waisted Thong Booty ShortsPair Of Non-Slip Neon Pink Leg Wraps

@sammirodriguez in our Deep End Mesh Wrap Around Crop TopBad Lil Bish Cut Out Mini Skirt

Go all out with your hair and makeup since most of your pics are going to be selfies. From glitter and face jewels, to hair accessories to harnesses- we got you covered. Body stickers and temporary tattoos are another great way to adorn the upper half of your body. 

@koryowl eyes in our Heart Of Gold Body Jewels & Paint Glow Fortune Teller Face Jewels

 @_lulutrixex Lunautics Power Tinsel Hair Extensions & Lunautics FLWR PWR Tempo Tats

Is your style a bit more simple? You can look stylish and be ultra comfortable in some printed leggings and platform sneakers. Pop on some face gems and a choker for an instant rave effect. Any rave top will work. 

@peaceloveanais in our Spirit Board Women's High Waisted Leggings


Pssttt - don't forget your face mask! If you need to go to the bathroom or get food and drinks- you'll need to wear one. Our reusable face masks are all 3 for $30. We also have seamless mask bandanas

@sourapplecider in our Love Struck Cropped Mesh TeeLove Struck Mesh Mini Skirt, & Solid Color Face Mask

@betsy_ville. (The selection of printed face masks will vary)


Need more outfit inspiration?! Check out the Drive-in- Raves Collection!


What are the Rules of Drive-In Raving?

Rules may vary from event to event, so I highly recommend checking out the event website, but here are some key points: 

  • All cars must be turned off once parked. 
  • Minimum of 2 people in the vehicle. MAX OF 6! No RVs, campers, etc
  • Guests are typically allowed to bring their own water, snacks and beverages.
  • You must always follow traffic laws, this includes open containers of alcohol. 
  • NO uber/lyft drop offs will be allowed. Everyone must arrive in a vehicle with a parking permit and ticket.
  • You can not dance or group with anyone outside of your vehicle.
  • You will be asked to leave if you do not comply with event rules. 
  • There will be NO alcohol sold on site. 


While it's a major bummer that so many festivals are canceled, it is cool to be a part of raver history with this new concept of drive-in raving! I hope everybody has a great time, and stays safe and has fun!!

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