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Drive-In Music Festivals, Pod Raves & Vertical Parties

Drive-In Music Festivals, Pod Raves & Vertical Parties

The future of festivals are here. From drive-in raves to pod raves and vertical events - the music industry has come up with some super creative solutions to partying in a socially distanced world. 

Drive-in raves are similar to that of a drive-in movie theater, except instead of watching a film, you can watch a live set from the comfort and safety of your car and the allotted space around it.

Pod raves are where you can drive and park in a lot or uber to the event and then you get directed to a dancing spot that is fenced in. Everyone you came with stays in your area and you are at least 6 feet away from the next pod.

Vertical raves are usually hosted inside of a hotel. You can book a room with your friends and enjoy the concert from your balcony while the stage and DJ is outside. 

Socially distanced festivals are also starting to pop up. These events often require negative COVID Tests and are outdoor events with limited capacity. 

Still want to rave at home? Odds are, your favorite artist is still doing weekly or monthly Live Streams

If you are a promoter with a drive-in rave please email to be featured. 

This blog is in collaboration with @Pooja_Shahnanigans of Festival Addicts.

Where are drive-in raves, pod festivals and vertical events happening in the US?

Insomniac Park & Rave Series

When:Every Weekend

What:Drive-In Rave

Where: NOS Events Center, San Bernardino, CA

Get Tickets Here.  



When: Jan 16

What: Socially Distanced Event

Where: Austin, TX

Get tickets here. 

Nitti Gritti

When: Jan 22-23

What: Socially Distanced Event

Where: Austin, TX

Get tickets here. 

Fresh Start Outdoor Dining w/ Justin Martin, Chris Lorenzo & DJ Tennis

When: Feb 12-14

What: Socially Distanced Event

Where: San Francisco, CA

Get tickets here. 


How to Maximize You Car Rave Experience-

Just like any other EDM event, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative! Think of your car as your campground for the evening. Here are some ideas to 'pimp your ride'! 

  • Make it fun by bringing some LED lights or holiday lights that are battery operated!
  • While you likely can’t have an actual totem at the event (check the event pages for official rules & FAQs), you can still keep the totem spirit alive by decorating some signs and putting them up in your car window (once you are safely parked)!
  • Since you’ll be sitting for a long time, I’d recommend bringing some comfy, fuzzy cushions to relax on.
  • If you’re bringing an SUV, put the first row of seats down to maximize leg room!

What to Wear to a Drive-in Rave? 

Most drive-in raves have a designated dancing area outside of your car, so you can plan to dance your heart away during the event. Any 'fits from the drive-in raves collection will work perfectly.

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 Still need more outfit inspo? Check out the Drive-in- Raves Collection.

What are the Rules of Drive-In Raving?

Rules may vary from event to event, so I highly recommend checking out the event website, but here are some key points: 

  • All cars must be turned off once parked. 
  • Minimum of 2 people in the vehicle. MAX OF 5-8! No RVs, campers, etc
  • Guests are typically allowed to bring their own water, snacks and beverages OR they sell food and drinks at the venue and deliver them to your spot.
  • You must always follow traffic laws, this includes open containers of alcohol. 
  • NO uber/lyft drop offs will be allowed. Everyone must arrive in a vehicle with a parking permit and ticket.
  • You can generally dance with your group in your allotted area.
  • You will be asked to leave if you do not comply with event rules. 

While it's a major bummer that so many festivals are canceled, it is cool to be a part of raver history with this new concept of drive-in raving. I hope everybody has a great time, and stays safe and has fun!

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