crowd shot of a rave festival

Since dance music has grown so much in popularity and demand, promoters have started working with club venues to bring DJs to clubs so everyone can get their EDM fix on a weekly basis.

Club events are typically much smaller and don’t have the same atmosphere as a rave or festival. Although some club event tickets can go for just as much as a rave or festival, it typically depends on the venue, how early you get your tickets, and which DJ is playing. When deciding whether you want to attend a rave, festival, or club event, ask yourself this:

What do you want out of your night?

If you’re a huge fan of an artist and just want to see them play, a club event is a great place to get a quick fix of your favorite DJs! People don’t typically dress like they’re headed to a rave party or festival at club events, and you don’t get the same atmosphere at club events because well, you’re at a different kind of venue. Rave costumes for women and men aren't seen very often at club events, unlike raves. People who typically attend club events are sometimes not familiar with rave culture or feel that rave culture is not appropriate there and therefore don’t bring those same traditions to the club.

If you’re looking for an experience to remember and love dressing up for an event, it’s probably a festival or rave you’ll want to attend. And lastly, if you’re hoping for a more intimate environment than a festival, but don’t like the vibes of a club event, your best bet is to find out where the next rave party will be in your area.

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Published by Angela Le
Last Updated: 7/31/17