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Cast spells upon the dance floor and conjure magic with witchy vibes and spellbinding styling. Feed the dark side of your festie fashion and celebrate Friday the 13th by stocking up on both black and sparkling essentials.

Here’s some fashion inspiration to make every hour witching hour:


Does it come in Black?

As much as we love tie-dye and rainbows, there is something to be said about wearing all black at a festival. 

There’s an unspoken sense of power we feel when we wear black. There’s a level of seriousness that comes along with it and inspires us to be our most fierce and badass selves. Black doesn’t have to be boring. Layering different textures and fabrics as well as adding dimension can make a black outfit interesting and captivating.


rave girls matching in black strappy bodysuits

Weave Me Alone Bodysuit @kenziefriedman @hanahweldonn

rave girl wearing purple velvet halter bodysuit

Black Widow Bodysuit, Charmed Bell Sleeves,  Pair Of Non-Slip Black Leg Wraps

Pentagram Accessories

The pentagram is one of the most misunderstood symbols in the world. It doesn’t stand for Satan worship like many think - in fact, far from it! The 5 points of the star actually symbolize the elements we encounter. The top line represents the spirit while the other four lines represent the elements: earth, air, fire, and water. To wear this symbol is to call upon the power of these elements and use them to your advantage.

Black mesh bodysuit with pentagram and black leg garters

Stargazer Mesh Bodysuit, Harness Leg Garters @_basskitten

Black Mesh Harness and Black Glitter Pentagram Pasties

Salem Harness, Pastease Glitter Pentagram Pasties

Legwear & Hosiery

An easy way to take your black outfit to the next level is to add interesting legwear. From moon and star patterns to every level of fishnet, we’ve got your legs covered-- literally.  Some of our pairs even come with an attached garter belt for extra strappiness and comfort.

rave girl models thigh high fishnets

rave girl modeling all velvet festival outfit

Victorian Plunge Top, Ambrosia Crushed Velvet Corset Leggings

Mystical Sparkles

No sorceress outfit would be complete without a dash of shimmer and shine. From metallic fabrics and sequins to cascading jingles, a sparkling element is essential. Even if your outfit is all black, adding glitter or face jewels is essential.

Purple Velvet Bell Bottoms and Glitter Halter Top

Lucy Velvet Bell Bottoms, Lorelei Sequin Mesh Halter Top, Lunautics Ros-Aye Glitter

rave girl modeling a sequin lace festival look

Lorelei Sequin Lace Up Halter Top, Eden Lace Skirt  @svndygirl

gyspsy inspired festival outfit

Cosmic Heroine Mesh Skirt, Twilight Gypsy Wrap, Charmed Bell Sleeves


Witchy Pasties

From glitter kitties to all-seeing eyes to pentagrams, there are plenty of bewitching pasties to complete your festival outfit.


Black Glitter Star Pasties, Black Glitter Cross Pasties, Seeing Eye Triangle Pasties, Black Glitter Smiling Kitty Pasties,

Pastease Black Hologram Vertical Cross Pasties,  Pastease Glitter All Seeing Eye Triangle PastiesNeva Nude Super Sparkle Glitter Star Pasties Pastease Black Glitter Happy Kitty Pasties



Celestial Vibes

When you’re in command of the cosmos, you gotta show the universe some love. We’ve got you covered with our metallic star print bodysuit, Twinkle Mesh Tee and a variety of star pasties. We also have our Sun & Moon kimono to add a light layer if it gets chilly.


Black Mesh Bodysuit with gold stars and plunging neckline

@julie_bae Estrella Bodysuit

rave girl modeling hooded sheer kimono

@iluvlina Mystical Mage Cloak
rave girl modeling gold star mesh tee
@chrissyyymarie Twinkle Mesh Tee
rave girls matching in black strappy outfits

Witchy Outfits

For premade witchin’ ensembles, check out these outfits that can be purchased in just one click:  

Neon Space Babe

Neon Space Babe Outfit


Enchanting Huntress Outfit

Enchanting Huntress Outfit 


Goth Rave Girl in Black Bodysuits

 Domina Outfit

Plunging Neckline Mesh Shirt with fettish collar and black booty shorts

Freak on a Leash Outfit

Black Mesh Bodysuit with gold stars and plunging neckline with gold leg wraps and gold cape

Count Estrella Outfit 

Black Mesh Bodysuit and Black Lace Skirt with Black Cross Pasties

Queen of the Night Outfit 


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