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HARD Summer Music Festival is the one music festival every summer you’re pretty much guaranteed to sweat at the most. And if you don’t know, you can always ask your friends on Twitter who’ve been to all the previous HARD summers - they’ll pretty much convince you to go naked, but I won’t so don’t worry! This is your somewhat comprehensive guide on what to wear to HARD Summer Music Festival.

So let’s think about this: HARD Summer will be taking place at the LA Coliseum this year, making it one of the most anticipated festivals of the year. You can get tickets here and check out the lineup below! 

Functional Wear

And now, to the fun(ner) part: FASHION. We LOVE a good fit! But what’s in a “good fit”? Honestly, it’s all subjective! I’ve been both the one in the big t-shirt & vans AND the one in the cute two piece stomping around in Demonias like I own the place - it’s all about balance baby! At the end of the day, what really matters is that you’re wearing something that you’re comfortable and feel beautiful in. 


There are two main themes at HARD Summer: edgy, and neon. If you manage to create a fit with both of these styles, you're going to slay! Edgy looks are usually pretty comfortable and can be worn for hours at a hot festival without feeling like too much. Here are some of our faves for the 2023 HARD Summer Music Festival! 

Hot Girls Listen To Techno Outfit

Sunflowerraver x iHR I'm Sensitive Bodysuit Cutout Outfit

Slander x iHR Feeling Good Slander Cropped Outfit

Ignite My Fire Halter Loop Outfit



I really love this neons because not only are they always in style, but they fit any vibe. You get anything from cute floral/trippy prints reminiscent of the 60’s to reflective cutout corsets that take you back to the future where Britney Spears rules our hearts once more.

Liquid Tripp Spliced Outfit

Get Down Girl Recycled Fabric Outfit

Trippy Time Acid Smiley Outfit

Regardless of what you end up wearing to HARD Summer, make sure once again that you stay hydrated, bring sunscreen & have the time of your life! Also, don’t forget to tag us @iheartraves for a chance to be featured!

Happy HARD Summer y’all!

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