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New York City's best annual festival is just around the corner, and it's time to start preparing ur fits, besties! Governor's Ball is easily the city's best and most diverse lineup of the year for fans of festivals that offer a wide range of artists from rock to hip hop, pop and dance music. This year the event will take place at CITI Field from June 10-12, and features artists like Kid Cudi, Halsey, J. Cole, Glass Animals, Flume, and Channel Tres among many others.

The vibe at Governor's Ball is very similar to Coachella in that it attracts a diverse group of music fans and is less of a rave and more of a festival. Obviously you can wear what you want, but you're likely to see a lot more denim shorts than you would at somewhere like EDC Las Vegas. Here is what I recommend wearing to Governor's Ball 2022:

Ready, Aim, Fire Outfit

Cyber Angel Outfit

Watercolor Eyes Outfit

Dancefloor Diva Outfit

Groovy Love Outfit

Hot Springs Hottie Outfit

Do It For The Culture Outfit


O. said:

Rave music should NEVER be tuned to 440. Travis scott was chanting at astroworld in highly chaotic frequency that made people die… All music should be tuned BACK to 444 as it was before 1939. You dont want a crowd of people in 440 …

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