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2019 is quickly coming to an end, and there is no better way to welcome 2020 than listening to amazing music with your best friends! Resolution Festival, held in Seattle, Washington, is the place to be on New Year’s Eve, and they just announced a stacked lineup.

Resolution Lineup

Having gone to Resolution for the last three years, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks that will help you have the best time welcoming the new year!


1. Get to WaMu Theater early

Since New Year’s is the time when everyone is out partying, you will have a better time if you plan for traffic and lines and get to WaMu Theater early! If you already live in Seattle, you already know how bad traffic can be around major holidays, so if you are traveling from outside of Seattle, make sure to factor in the changes in travel time that could be caused by traffic. Getting there early will mean there is likely shorter entry lines and less of a chance that you will miss your favorite artists, so it’s definitely worth it!


2. Prepare for the weather

Lockers at Resolution Festival

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Seattle is usually cold and rainy around this time of the year, so it is definitely recommended to bundle up. You may have to stand in line outside, so you will have a better time if you have a coat or rain jacket with you. However, since Resolution is indoors, and it could be a little hot inside, wearing layers is a good idea. Make sure to check the Rules and Safety page on the Resolution website before you go. There are lockers available there, so I highly recommend getting one ahead of time. You can get your locker for Resolution here.


3.  Drink lots of water

Hydration Station at Resolution Festival

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Regardless of if you are drinking alcohol that night, it is important to hydrate. WaMu allows empty clear water bottles, so I always bring one with me to fill up inside! One of my favorite things about Resolution is there are a lot of water stations throughout the venue, so you absolutely have no reason to not drink water. You can also buy water inside, but it is free to refill your water bottle at the hydration stations, so that is definitely something to take advantage of. 


4. Don’t get hung up on the gold/silver theme

Although dressing up to the gold/silver theme is always fun, many people dress up in other colors as well, so if you can't find a favorite outfit in those colors you still have many other options! I have seen people get stressed out over choosing an outfit in these colors, but at the end of the day it's important to know that you will look amazing in whatever colors you choose to wear! iHeartrave's Winter Collection, Iccced Out has outfits in these colors, but there are also many other options so you have a lot to choose from. Also, be sure to check out this article that crafted Resolution outfits based on artists attending!


5. Find your friends for the countdown to 2020

Confetti Falling at Resolution Festival

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Even though Resolution is an indoor festival, it’s a multi-stage event so I usually split up from my group to see the artists I want to see. However, I highly recommend picking a meeting spot with a designated time so you can meet up with your friends before midnight when the countdown happens. It makes welcoming the new year so special to do it with your friends and loved ones, and it will make it a memorable experience!


Still have more questions about Resolution? Check out this blog post about logistical information regarding Resolution. 

Are you going to Resolution for the first time or returning again? Make sure to leave any questions you have in the comments if you are going for the first time, or if you are returning leave a comment with any other tricks and advice you have.


I will definitely be there again this year, and will be posting my outfit on my Instagram (@loanabanan82). Hope to see you all there!

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