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Resolution Outfit Inspiration

Resolution Outfit Inspiration

Later this month, thousands of ravers will flock to the WaMU Theater in Seattle, Washington for one last epic rave of 2018: Resolution. Resolution is an annual festival that takes place on New Years’ Eve that promises amazing music and good vibes. In past years, the festival has boasted 3 stages and hosted major acts, as well as up and coming artists. This year’s Phase 1 lineup was recently released and all I can say is - “take my money!” 

Trust me when I say that Seattle doesn’t mess around when it comes to themed-events and Resolution is no exception. I can almost guarantee that a HUGE majority of the people attending this event will be wearing white and gold themed outfits. If you're wondering what to wear to Resolution, I’ve compiled a list of some must-have gold and white accessories, as well as some complete gold-and-white-themed outfits.


Slay the Night with these Gold & White Outfits: 

Countdown Countess

Countdown Countess with white keyhole mesh top, white maxi skirt, gold high cut bottoms, gold sparkly heart pasties, and gold crown

Keep your Resolution outfit elegant and classy with this goddess-inspired look. Our elegant Cosmic Heroine Mesh Skirt over a pair of gold bottoms will transform you into the ultimate rave princess. Add our Disco Trim Mesh Keyhole Halter Top with gold pasties and you are officially royalty! Elevate your look by rocking the Empress Crystal Crown.

Firecracker Kween

Firecracker Kween Outfit with gold and black mesh keyhole top, metallic gold booty shorts, gold sequin cross pasties, gold glitter leg wraps, and Lunautics face gems

Own the night like the badass babe you are in our Firecracker Kween look. Bring on the gold with a pair of gold metallic bottoms and leg wraps. On top, add the Metallic Mesh Cut Out Halter Top with some fun gold pasties. To finish it off, sparkle in the Lunautics Hermosa Face Jewels. This midnight look will have you ready to countdown the clock. 


Pop the Bubbly Baby

Pop the Bubbly Baby outfit, featuring white fur wrap top, gold metallic leggings, gold biodegradable glitter, and Lunautics face gems

For a cozy vibe, this festive look will have you lookin' poppin' from head to toe. Our Are You Fur Real Wrap Around Top is the perfect addition to a pair of gold Shine On Metallic Leggings. Take your glam to a whole nother level with our Lunautics Glam Girl Face Jewels and DiscoEyes Egyptian Gold Biodegradable Glitter.

Champagne Pop Princess

Champagne Pop Princess Outfit with gold halter top, gold maxi skirt, rose gold high waisted metallic shorts, gold sequin fanny pack, and gold sequin seamless mask

Cheers to the new year in this rose gold outfit. Pair our Glimmer Of Light Halter Top and maxi skirt set with our shimmery J. Valentine Rose All Day High Waisted Booty Shorts for a solid gold look. For extra sparkle, accessorize yourself with our gold Mini Sequin Mask Bandana and Royal Sequins Fanny Pack.


Accessories can take your Outfit to the Next Level: 



Gold princess crown with crystal

Crown yourself queen of the rave with a stylish gold crown from the Accessories Section of iHeartRaves. These elegant accessories are a great way to tie your outfit together from head to toe - literally!

Gold Leg Wraps

Gold glitter leg wraps, sparkly black and silver leg wraps, and white light-up leg wraps

Pro tip: try layering both gold and white leg wraps for a super unique look! Or consider adding a pair of white fence night thigh highs on top of your gold leg wraps to create a multi-dimensional look.



Gold, silver, and black beauty glitter for raves

Glitter is a must-have at every event and Resolution is no exception. Check out the Beauty & Glitter Section for hundreds of glitter options in ever color, including lots of options for gold, white, and silver.


Gold pasties with 2019 star pasties, gold sequin cross pastie, gold glitter heart pastie, and gold glitter star pastie

iHeartRaves has a ton of options when it comes to pasties- especially gold ones! From hearts to stars to crossesand even weed leaves, there tons of styles to choose from. Pair them with a white mesh top or wear ‘em on their own for a super bold look.

White and gold pasties with a pink sparkly heart pastie, white diamond pastie, gold cross pastie, and shiny boob jewels


Starling Chest Jewels, Pastease Dazzling Diamond Flip Sequin Pasties, Neva Nude Hologram Heart Pasties, and Neva Nude Gold Sequin X Factor Pasties

In case you don’t believe me about the themed colors, check out some photos from previous years: 

Raver girls dressed in gold at USC Events Resolution for New Years Eve

Raver girl friends dressed in gold for USC Events Resolution for New Years Eve


Raver friends dressed in metallic gold at USC Events Resolution on New Years Eve

Ravers dressed in white and gold for USC Events Resolution on New Years Eve

Ready to ring in the New Year in style? Tickets for Resolution are available now.

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