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Don’t know what to wear to Seattle’s biggest New Year's Eve party: Resolution? iHeartRaves has you covered, literally. USC Events throws Resolution to celebrate the coming of the new year! This year it's on NYE, December 31st, at the WAMU Theatre in Seattle. 

I’m going to do this style guide a little differently this time around. Check out these song inspired outfits, based off the artists playing this year: (that go with Resolution’s theme of course)

Diamonds // Tritonal

Tritonal’sDiamonds” inspired this sparkly outfit. All pieces of this outfit can be found on iHeartRaves. 

Holographic Rave Outfit

Glitter  Bottoms  Top  Hat


Kurupt // Tchami & Malaa

Who doesn’t love a little black? Tchami x Malaa: No Redemption’s dark house beats curated this outfit.

Resolution Outfit Inspiration

Top  Bottoms  Choker  Boots   Glitter


Icarus // Madeon

Madeon’s music always puts me in an energetic mood, which is why this outfit is super lightweight and made for dancing.

Gold and White Rave Outfit

Bottoms   Top   Leg Wraps   Shoes   Jewels


Momentary Lapse // The Glitch Mob & 1788-L

1788-L’s downtempo dark bass music pairs perfectly with a cyber-esque outfit. Add some gold accessories to complete this look!

Cyber Warrior Outfit

Cyber Warrior Outfit


Gold // Adventure Club (feat. Yuna)

Wouldn’t be Adventure Club without the nostalgia of their hit “Gold”. This outfit embodies a golden goddess, which is what you’ll be on the dance floor.

Gold Rave Outfit

Lady Medusa Outfit

Bonfire // Knife Party

“BOBOBOBO-BONFIRE” is what anyone would say if they saw you in this bomb outfit. It’s one of the premade outfit sets available on the iHeartRaves website. Resolution’s theme is gold and white, but red is close enough..right?

Flames Outfit

Sinful Embers Outfit

Guys! iHeartRaves has TONS of men’s clothes to keep you warm & just as hot as the ladies. Here’s the outfit that I’m wearing into 2020:

Guys Outfit for Resolution

Joggers Glitter Top Hat Jewels

Resolution is a sea of white and gold every year, and it’s my favorite way to bring in the New Year. Tickets & more information available here
Resolution 2019 Lineup


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I really love the Madeon outfit!!

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