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Just because the 90s are in the past does not mean the fashion has to be. 90s raving started a beautiful culture that we know and love today. Rave culture is the most astounding and beloved community to participate in, and the customs that we have today are because of that era, like trading Kandi, flow arts, and PLUR.  

The 90s ravers laid down the foundation of PLUR to make sure it what this community stands behind would be well known. To show your appreciation for this beloved saying and this era of dance music check out the pieces below! 

These are some of the most popular styles that ravers wore in the 90s:

  • Comfortable, Bright Colors
  • Crop Tops
  • Wide-leg Pants
  • Trippy Prints
  • Faux Fur
  • Fishnet

The Essentials: Comfortable and Bright

90s rave fashion is well known to be bold, creative, bright and comfortable. There is no such thing as doing too little or doing too much when it comes to making your 90s rave fit. If your fit is bright, comfortable, and ready to spread positivity, you are good to go, baby! It is all about being carefree and self-expression. So, express yourself, babe!

The Clothing Trends

Crop Tops

Crop tops were a popular choice for female ravers in the 1990s. These tops were often brightly colored and featured bold graphics or patterns. Many crop tops were also made from lightweight materials, making them ideal for dancing in.

Ignite My Fire Lace Up Top

PLUR Vibes Crop Top

Trippin' Crop Top


The Phater the Pants, the ...

One of the biggest staples in 90s rave fashion was baggy pants. They were not just for style but for comfort. This is a part of rave fashion that just makes sense! Being out in the heat or cold weather for hours at a music festival and walking around constantly can be exhausting and uncomfortable. You definitely need to wear comfortable clothing, and these baggy pants are just the look! 

Time 2 Get Reflective Cargo Joggers

Overspeeding Reflective Joggers

Trippy Prints 

Bright lights, and neon colors is what it was all about in the 90s rave fashion. Through the crowd were never-ending waves of vibrant lasers, with an abundance of bursting neon colors. Being bright was a part of being bold, showing others they were bright and beautiful. As you should see yourself to love! We all shine bright together in this community. Here are a few of my favorite neon pieces and trippy prints to put together your 90s rave fit.

Happy Hour Shorts

Last Laugh Smiley Shorts

Melty Fantasy Top and Bell Bottoms


Faux Fur

One thing I think of when I think back on OG raves is faux fur clothes. From bikini tops to skirts and hats, there are tons of ways to wear faux fur to channel ur inner '90s raver. 


Rainbow Reverie Faux Fur Bikini Top and Skirt


Fishnet is so '90s it hurts, luckily it's always in style. We have tons of pieces at iHeartRaves that can help you bring out the club kid in u! 

Sensations Fishnet Tank

Dark Shadow Oversized Fishnet Tee


Gaia said:

I’m understanding that this article is about selling iHR items to make a 90s inspired fit, but I feel like photos of actual 90s ravers in their element would’ve offered more inspo. THEN maybe bring in the merch side to help the idea along. But the one b&w photo of a warehouse party then a bunch of iHR items that don’t actually look anything like what we wore to parties in the 90s is not helpful and doesn’t do justice to the movement or the fashion. We wore baby tees, Kik wear, jnco, UFOs and baggy oversized hoodies. Platforms we had to make ourselves because stores didn’t sell them. We bought our glitter and makeup once a year, at Halloween, because that’s the only time you could buy the crazy colors you wanted. Honestly, we made a lot of our own fits because that’s what rave culture was back then. We took crappy nasty warehouses and turned them into Fantasyland. We took our dreary lives and made them sparkly just for one night. I’ve been raving since 1995 and I feel like maybe someone who had actually been there might have better been suited to write an article about the fashion. Then tie in your advertisements.

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