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Have you ever heard someone mention “EDC” when talking about raves and electronic music festivals? If so, you might have noticed a certain glint in their eye when they mentioned it. EDC is one of those festivals that you have to experience to believe, and it’s considered a serious heavy hitter on the electronic dance music festival scene. Whether you’re considering attending EDC for the first time this year or you’re looking for outfit ideas to take your look to the next level, we’ve got all of the rave outfit inspiration for guys at EDC that you could possibly need. However, before you decide what men's fashion items to wear, you need a little background about this superstar festival, because it might just influence your EDC outfit choices. 

 What is EDC?

“EDC” is the nickname for the Electric Daisy Carnival, which is actually the largest electronic dance music festival in North America. Held each year in Las Vegas, Nevada, the three-day event has more than 400,000 people in attendance, which means it is one of the largest music festivals in the world. If you overhear someone talking about EDC, they’re most likely referring to EDC Las Vegas, but there are other locations around the world now as well.  Today, the world of EDC festivals are held in the following locations:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • China
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Mexico City, Mexico

Due to its location in Las Vegas, the weather for EDC is notoriously hot, and even moving the festival to October temporarily is unlikely to change that. It’s important to choose your wardrobe carefully and plan ahead so that you can stay hydrated, cool(ish), and comfortable.  

What Makes EDC Unique?

You can think of EDC like one giant neon carnival with incredible music, which is a pretty unique EDM experience in the first place, but it’s not just the lights, sounds, and sensations that make EDC unique. Here are a few facts about just what makes EDC so special.

  1. People come from more than 100 countries worldwide to EDC in Las Vegas each year - nearly half the countries in the world! You have the chance to meet people from all different backgrounds.
  2. Love your significant other and EDM? You can get married at EDC! Hundreds of legal weddings have been performed at EDC Las Vegas over the years, and there are several chapels on the festival grounds specifically for this purpose.
  3. It’s so hot at EDC that the organizers want to make sure everyone hydrates accordingly. You can fill your water bottle or hydration pack for free at one of the many free stations on the festival grounds!
  4. Think EDC is just for Generation Z? Think again. The average age of an EDC attendee is 28, and everyone ages 18 and over is welcome. 
  5. An estimated 411,400 people attended EDC Las Vegas in 2019, while EDC Orlando doubled its 2018 attendance with about 225,000 attendees in 2019.
  6. More than 3 million people have attended EDC Las Vegas since 2011, resulting in an economic impact of over $2 billion for the city of Las Vegas since that time.

What Should Guys Wear to EDC?

Although there’s a lot of focus on what the lady ravers wear to festivals and raves, guys want to look good, too and have fit in with the festival style, especially at a festival as major as EDC. When deciding what mens rave clothing to wear, consider what we’ve just discussed about the festival: it’s hot, it’s filled with lights and colors, and it’s Vegas, baby! That means that not just any old rave gear will do. In addition to everything you’ll want to pack in order to look and feel your best this festival season, you’re no doubt going to want to hit the clubs while you’re out on the strip. You can find a comprehensive packing list from iHeartRaves on your cell phone or computer that you use on a daily basis, but you’ll find rave outfit inspiration for guys at EDC below.


The name of the festival fashion game for guys at EDC is neon, neon, and more neon. Bonus points if you’ve got glow-in-the-dark neon in your festival looks! Neon blends in to the “electric” theme of the rave, and the glow-in-the-dark features of your festival outfit will look extra cool against the lights and attractions throughout the festival. These can be included in your bandana, joggers, onesies, or crop top for the ultimate music festival outfit. EDC is all about bright colors and good vibes, so if your festival clothing reflects that, you’ll be good to go.

Melty Smiley Men's Camp Shirt 

Liquid Toxin Men's Camp Shirt

Tripp Out Men's Camp Shirt

Neon Nirvana Camp Shirt

Flower Bomb Men's Camp Shirt



EDC is not the time to break out your new rave pants. It’s hot, so do yourself a favor and grab a pair of brightly colored shorts, like the String Theory Men’s Athletic Shorts from iHeartRaves. These brightly colored athletic shorts mimic the neon lights and energy of EDC and are comfortable, breathable, and ultra soft. Bonus points - they have pockets! We’ve even heard rumors that some people wear them to take a dip in those famous Las Vegas pools.

Daisy Dreamland Camp Shorts 

The Other Side Men's Shorts

Melty Smiley Men's Shorts

Spunion Rings Shorts

Tripp Out Men's Camp Shorts

Deep Night Reflective Shorts


Tank Top

Wear a t-shirt if you’d prefer, but we think you’ll be the most comfortable in a tank top at EDC due to the heat and large crowds. Don't make the mistake of wearing only a hoodie, although it can be good rave wear for night time if it gets cold. Keep the neon and brightly colored theme going here too by choosing a tank with a fun print, glow-in-the-dark details, or bright colors. The Universal Love Glow in the Dark tank is one of our favorites, because black goes with everything. 

Firestarter Men's Mesh Tank

Break Ya Neck Headbanger Top

Waking Dream Mushroom Men's Tank

Happy Hour Men's Tank

Deep Night Reflective Tank 


What Tips are There for First Time EDC Attendees?

EDC is an incredible experience, and the festival operates on the PLUR principle - peace, love, unity, and respect. Don’t worry about fitting in - just stay true to yourself and you will! To set your mind at ease, we’ve prepared a few tips for first time EDC attendees.

  1. Carpool: Traffic headed to EDC sucks, so avoid it if you can. Try and carpool via Uber or Lyft. If you have to drive, make sure to drop a pin at your parking spot or take a pic of your location.
  2. Hydrate: It’s going to be hot at EDC. Embrace it and prepare for it and you’ll be fine, as long as you hydrate. The air is dryer in Las Vegas, which means you’ll dehydrate more quickly, so make sure to drink plenty of water - we recommend using a hydration pack.
  3. Chill: EDC can be overwhelming for some people due to the sensory overload, and there’s a lot going on at the festival at all times. The festival has set aside special areas to unwind, so take advantage of them. 
  4. Schedule: With the popularity and size of EDC, there are bound to be a ton of artists you want to see. Review the lineup ahead of time so that you can prioritize must-sees and plan accordingly. 
  5. Prepare: Don’t show up to EDC unprepared to document this amazing experience. Bring a portable charger so that you can refresh your phone after all the pictures you’re bound to take, and so you can use your phone to find your friends if you get separated. You don’t want to be the friend that no one can find at the end of the night because their phone is dead!
  6. Arrive early: Getting to the festival early will allow you plenty of time to explore, get your bearings, and figure out a plan for where to meet up with your friends. As an added bonus, there will be a lot fewer people in all of your pictures.

No matter what you decide to wear or which sets you choose to catch, EDC is a blast whether it's your first time at the festival or your fiftieth. It’s sure to be an experience you won’t forget!

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