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Now that it's time for rave and festival season again, it's time to start planning ur looks. The real it girls know that planning a look is about more than just planning the right outfit and accessories—it's about planning the perfect hair and makeup to go with it. We're loving these makeup looks for the 2024 festival season. We've organized these looks under a few different categories to make it easier to find what ur looking for! Click on any of the trends below to check out rave makeup inspiration for those styles. 

Edgy Makeup

Ur the backstage baddie. These makeup looks are perfect for the techno babes or the girlies who love to keep it simple while still making a statement. Grab ur blackest liner to create one of these looks for ur next festival outfit. 


Colorful Makeup

If u gravitate towards colorful makeup then there is one thing people can always count on u for, and that's to brighten their day. These colorful makeup looks are perfect for coordinating with any monochrome outfit or incorporating lots of colors for a rainbow look. 

Sweet Makeup

For the cute rave girl. 💕 These sweet makeup looks will have u channeling ur inner Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls. We love pairing cute makeup with simple rave looks or dresses to add a finishing touch that is subtle but statement-making. 

Clean Girl Makeup

Never underestimate the power of keeping it simple. Clean girl makeup was all the rage in 2023 and isn't going anywhere for 2024. We're counting micro-trends like Tomato Girl makeup or Cherry Girl makeup in these too! 

Fairy Makeup

Festivals and raves are ur opportunity to dress up in ur dream fairycore costume. Embrace ur inner fairy with these cute fairy makeup looks that will add the finishing touch to any fairy fit—with or without the wings. 🧚  

Glitter Makeup

Ur kind of a hot mess, but that's ok. Glitter makeup has been trending since Euphoria came out in 2019, and it doesn't show any signs of going away anytime soon, especially at the rave. Use these glitter rave makeup looks as inspiration for EDC or any other festival this summer.

Rhinestone Makeup

Adding rhinestones to your makeup might be extra and high maintenance, but that's ok because that's what u are. Embrace being a diva with these rhinestone makeup looks, and shop rhinestones at iHeartRaves here. 


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Trippy Makeup

Ur not afraid to get trippy, and ur especially not afraid to experiment with unique makeup looks to match ur eclectic style. These trippy makeup looks are great for inspiration for ur EDC makeup. 

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