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April 08, 2020 | 0 COMMENTS

During this time of uncertainty where we are all staying home, it’s easy to find yourself feeling bored or lonely. Luckily, the EDM community that we are all a part of has stepped up their game. The internet is now stocked with new memes and posts to give us a little laugh and keep us sane in our homes.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Relatable AF:

Rave meme with burger


drinking wine quarantine meme


Stay at Home do nothing meme



Dressing up in your living room with your roomates during quarantine



cat eating snacks during quarantine meme



All the Feels:

First Rave back after quarantine
edm quarantine tweet

Things To Do At Home:


paz paz quarantine tweet



how to be positive during quarantine tweet



make your cat more attractive meme

Artists Getting Creative: 

Ghastly Twitch Tour


Kaskade Funny Tweet



Alison Wonderland Funny Tweet

Huge shoutout to all of you PLUR people for supporting one another through these tough times. Despite all of the festival cancellations, our community is so united by the positivity we share and the encouragement we give each other. Whether you are watching live streams (check out this ultimate guide to EDM live streams) or playing dress-up at home, just know that we can use our love and passion for raving to spread positivity and good vibes. 

Need ideas for how to #RaveatHome? Check out these articles: 

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