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It’s almost time to pack the car and head back to Gorge-ous Washington for Paradiso Festival 2019! If you’re anything like me, you’re probably already thinking - what the heck am I going to wear?! Packing for the Gorge can be tricky sometimes since temperatures can drastically vary each day. I’ve been when it was unkindly hot (the low was 100 degrees) and also when the wind picked up and I thought I was going to blow away or freeze to death. Layering is essential while packing for the Gorge. Fortunately, iHeartRaves has tons of options for styling from day to night.

For the Daytime at Paradiso:

It’ll probably be hot enough to rock your cute festival outfit during the day without needing a ton of outer layers. Here’s what’s guaranteed to keep you cool while looking hot AF.

1. Matching Sets

You can never go wrong with a rave top and booty shorts combo. Whether you dare to bare in our mico cut out booty shorts or prefer a high waist bottom, a two-piece set is a great foundation for your outfit. There are tons of adorable matching combos throughout the site!

Raver wearing matching black tube top and highwaisted booty shorts with neon pink leg wraps

Neon Lights Tube Top Set, Neon Pink Leg Wraps

East and West Label Athena Fringe Bra

EastnWest Label Athena Fringe Bra, EastnWest Label Athena Fringe High Waisted Shorts

Rolita Couture Neon Clouds

Rolita Couture Neon Clouds Electric Amazon Skirt

2. Pasties & Booty Shorts

If you’re comfortable enough, pasties and booty shorts is another familiar look at Paradiso! You can spice this outfit up with the right pair of hosiery, harnesses, and of course, glitter and festival gems.

Daisy themed outfit with yellow athletic thigh high socks, daisy pasties, daisy headband, daisy harness, micro cut out booty shorts and raver kandi

Darling Daisy Outfit (Haley Busch Photography)

3. Bodysuits

If you’re a one-piece kind of gal, iHeartRaves has got you covered! iHeartRaves bodysuits come in tons of different styles, fabrics, and colors, including this year's hottest styles, such as neon, animal print, and mesh. Just like a pair of rave tops and bottoms, a bodysuit will be the foundation to your outfit. Simply bedazzle it up with the right combination of festival jewels and face glitter.

Electric Zebra Mesh Bodysuit
Madhouse Bodysuit

4. Holographic Fits

Holographic is a must-have for one of your outfits or piece of an outfit at Paradiso! The shiny material will shine and sparkle in the sunlight at the Gorge - you'll look like a true rave princess!

Holographic Set with Suspenders

Magical Dream Suspender Booty Shorts, Magical Dream Lace up Tube Top

Tinsel Town Holographic Bodysuit

Tinsel Town Holographic Bodysuit

For more holographic outfit inspo, check out our Holographic Outfits Style guide!

5. Neon Outfits

Neon is one of the hottest styles this festival season and iHeartRaves is no short supply of cute neon outfits and accessories! Neon will help you stand out at the Gorge, especially in your photos against the dark green grass you'll be standing on in one of the most beautiful venues in the world!

Neon Mesh Bodysuit

Over and Under Mesh Bodysuit

Totally Stoned Rhinestoner BIker Short Set

Totally Stoned Rhinestone Biker Short Set

6. Tie-Dye/Rainbow Fits

Channel the good vibes with something tie-dye or rainbow! iHeart has tons of tie-dye options so you can match with your squad, or spread the joy solo!

Matching Tie Dye Rave Outfit Set

Rainbow Shine Underboob Crop Top, Rainbow Thong Booty Shorts

Rainbow Snake Charmer Top

Rainbow Snake Charmer TopRainbow Snake Charmer Booty ShortsStudded Faux Leather Skirt (Pro tip: adding a hint of black to your rainbow/tie-dye outfit can easily tone down the outfit and add a hint of bad-ass vibes)

I Feel the Love Set

I Feel the Love Sequin High Waisted BottomsI Feel the Love Rainbow Sequin Crop Top

7. Squad Outfits

Twinning is truly winning, especially at a festival! Get your squad together and pick an outfit that you all like! (pro tip: if there's a disagreement on what to wear - have everybody choose one item, so your outfit is a group effort!). Or, you can all pick a common theme (such as tie-dye) and choose your own! Squad outfits are a guarantee to make you stand out in the crowd and have awesome photos to remind you of your awesome squad adventure!
Matching Rave Outfits at the Gorge

8. Crop Tops

Crop Tops pair nicely with all kinds of bottoms - from velvet booty shorts to micro cutouts, and even jean shorts. They even pair well with leggings which you’ll likely be adding to your outfit by nighttime.

Pastel Tie Dye Crop Top

Mesh crop tops and t-shirts are an excellent way to beat the heat and show off super cute pasties, boob jewels, or even a sports bra, or a bralette. This adds an extra way for you to get creative with your look.

Neon Mesh Bra Under Crop Top

Free Yourself Fishnet Tie Crop Tee

9. Kimonos and Dusters

If you tend to burn easily, I would definitely recommend a kimono to protect you from the sun, especially because shade can be hard to come by at the Gorge. iHeartRaves has several Kimonos and Dusters options that are lightweight and the perfect piece to take your outfit to the next level. Check out the various options, from rainbow print to holographic sequins. Pair it with a bodysuit and the right combination of rave accessories and you’ll be the star of the show!

Powerful Python Sheer Kimono

Powerful Python Sheer Kimono

10. T-shirts and Shorts:

If you're shopping for your rave bae (or if you're a guy looking for some Diso Style inspo) check out iHeartRaves' huge selection of tanks, tees, and shorts. Also, I personally enjoy stealing clothes from my rave bae so that I can rock the long tee + hosiery look!

May the Bass Be With You Tee Star Wars

May the Bass Be With You Shorts Star Wars

May the Bass Be With You Shorts and Tank

11. For the Nighttime at Paradiso:

As I said earlier, it can get chilly in the evening - especially after the sun goes down. It’s much better to be safe rather than sorry! You can always purchase a locker ahead of time to store your jacket in (pro tip: stash an extra pair of comfy shoes in your locker, too. I guarantee by midnight, you won’t want to be climbing around the gorge in the same shoes you were dying to wear for photos) Here’s some of our most popular styles of outerwear.

12. Faux Fur Coats

If you tend to get cold easily, maybe you’re looking for something warmer. iHeartRaves has tons of cute coats that come in tons of fun styles and colors!

Can't Be Tamed Leopard Coat

Can't Be Tamed Raw Hemmed Jacket

13. Hoodies

Look out of this world and stay snuggly with one of our many galaxy print hoodies. Made with ultra-soft fabric, our Pullover Hoodies are another great option to layer up and still look stylish.

Blue and Red Galaxy Print Hoodie

Milky Way Pullover Hoodie

14. Leggings

Just because it gets cold doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking cute! Check out some of our awesome galaxy print leggings - a great way to look cute and stay warm. Plus, leggings don’t take up much room in your backpack and won’t add much extra weight.

Neon Trees Leggings
iHeartRaves has tons of cute all over print leggings like these Neon Trees Leggings

For the Day or Night at Paradiso:

Whether you’re styling for daytime or nighttime, rave accessories can take any outfit to the next level. These are absolutely key to spicing up any outfit. Always pack extra festival glitter and festival jewels! I also like to bring some other fun accessories like a pair of butterfly wings, extra leg wraps and hosiery, and a cute fan (a great photo prop and a way to keep cool!)

YASS Festival Fan

Daft Boy YASS Fan

15. Glitter/Face Jewels

Give your outfit that extra sparkle with some rave glitter and face jewels combos. from chunky to gel to biodegradable, iHeartRaves has tons of glitter options in every color imaginable!

Glitter Face Jewels

Lunautics Third Eye Jewels

16. Pasties

Packing Extra Pasties is a must! Don’t forget to stick an extra pair in your rave backpack on the way into the gates.

Rainbow Butterfly Pasties at Phoenix Lights Festival
@adeliaannne in our Butterfly Pasties 

17. Seamless Mask Bandanas

Seamless Masks are a MUST when traveling to the Gorge. Not only will your lungs thank you for keeping dust out of them, but seamless masks also provide another cute way to accessorize.

Mermaid Seamless Mask Bandana

18. Hydration Packs

Hydrate in style with a Hydration Pack! You’ll look cute and have a hands-free way to hydrate. USC Events provides Hydration Stations inside the venue, so you only have to stop dancing to refill your hydration pack every few hours. This is a MUCH better alternative to having to lug around a water bottle and keep refilling it every 20 minutes.

Alien Vibredration Hydration Pack

Vibedration Silver Holo Alien Hydration Pack

19. Premade Outfits

For quick and easy shopping, check out our rave costumes section full of curated outfits from the iHeartRaves team!

Enchanted Alice Outfit

Enchanted Alice Outfit

For more Paradiso outfit inspiration, be sure to check out the official iHeartRaves collection!

What's YOUR favorite outfit you've ever worn to Paradiso? Tell us in the comments below!

See you at the Gorge!

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