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We are now officially in the year 2020! Hopefully, your year ended with a blast and you were able to celebrate. Now with all the new year festivities and holidays over, it’s never too late to think about your resolutions for the upcoming year. You may have some resolutions for the new year already, but as ravers, there are many different goals and objectives that you can strive for as well! Here are five ideas for resolutions as a raver!

1. Get that Rave Bod!

The start of the new year means an opportunity to change your lifestyle and to improve yourself! Despite being in the midst of the winter, this only means that festival season is getting closer and it’s never too early to get in shape for festival season. Check out this blog post about fitness ideas created with ravers in mind!

Adapting a healthier lifestyle not only makes you feel better about how you look, it will make you feel better overall and be more energized for more raves and festivals! 

Raver Fitness

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2. Explore More Artists and Genres

We all have our favorite artists that we can listen to on repeat and can see over and over again at festivals. Even though I have many favorites myself, I have discovered lots of new artists as well as new favorites by exploring other music outside of what I typically listen to.

There are many ways to discover new music - you can check out different playlists and albums on different apps, or even create collaborative playlists that you and your friends can add to! Another way to discover tons of new music is to look at festival lineups and listen to all the different kinds of artists, even the smaller ones. Then, check out those new artists at the festival or show! Sometimes being there in person makes all the difference in enjoying a set or liking the music, and you never know what you’ll end up liking.

3. Make New Rave Friends

Many of us go to shows and festivals with the same group of friends. It is super fun to be able to enjoy a set with some of your closest friends, however, I met some of my closest and newest friends at various festivals and raves! I’ve gone to some events solo and that has challenged me to meet new people, from joining group chats to attending meetups. As a raver, I highly recommend that you take on the challenge of attending an event solo!

You get to wander around on your own and meet so many different people while seeing some of your favorite sets and artists. There are tons of groups of people at raves that are welcoming to one another, such as shufflers or flow art groups and glovers. There are also lots of meetups that happen at different festivals! I’ve been able to find and attend some myself through social media. Take on the new year by making new rave friends! You might find a new rave fam for different festivals in the future.

Festie Besties

Photo Credit: @betsy_ville

4. Spread More PLUR!

As more and more people attend raves and festivals, there will be more people who are unaware of the rave community. There have been more negative incidents that occur at these events from my experience and one thing that I encourage ravers to strive for this year at raves and festivals is to spread more PLUR!

If you see someone at a festival or show that needs help or is not feeling well, help them out and give them water, fan them off, or bring them to a medical tent. There are many little things that ravers can do to improve the community, such as using manners when passing through the crowd and not pushing, or being respectful of people and their belongings.

If you find a lost item, return it to the lost and found! There are other ways to spread PLUR at different events such as making and handing out kandi. Trading kandi or even giving them away to other ravers always puts a smile on their face and gives them something to remember even after the event ends. There’s a lot of sentimental meaning to kandi and I always enjoy spreading positivity and good vibes to others. 

Unicorn Crew at EDC Orlando

5. Take your Kandi making skills to another level!

There are many times where you go to a show and trade kandi with someone and they give you a bracelet that consists of the same beads with no words. Although it’s great to trade kandi with any raver, taking your kandi making skills up a notch definitely makes the experience even better! Kandi making is the opportunity to express your creativity with other ravers. It gives you a chance to connect with others and share a special moment at a rave even as the music is blasting. You can make tons of cool kandi with perlers and attach them, or even attach other items like inhalers, 3D printed logos, and more! I made one that had an avocado face mask attached and gave it to a raver who was dressed as an avocado.

Check out this blog post about knots every kandi kid should know!

Avacado Kandi Emoji 

It is never too late to start on your resolutions for the year! Reflect on the past year and strive to become a better raver for 2020! 

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