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Yoga is the ultimate festival warm-up and cool-down. It’s a great way to focus on relaxation, meditation, and stretching. We picked five poses that are ideal for festival weekends, from morning to night. These can be done at your campsite, in your hotel room, or even on festival grounds!

Cat Cow

Cat Cow is a simple pose that focuses on warming up your spine for a day full of dancing. It is also calming and can help ease some of your pre-festival anxiety. When doing Cat Cow, you’re forced to focus on your breathing and live in the moment.

To start this pose, get on your hands and knees. You can begin with Cow, taking a deep breath in, letting your stomach stretch down toward the ground. Tilt your head back, look up to the sky, and take in all the positive energy around you. Next, you move on to the Cat portion. Breathe out as you arch your back, engaging your core and pulling your stomach back up toward the ceiling. Tuck your chin down to your chest. You can repeat these steps as many times as you’d like, until all that anxiety is gone and you feel ready to conquer the day!

Warrior II

You’re about to spend an entire day, or weekend, walking and dancing. You should prepare your legs! Warrior II will stretch out your legs, hips and groin muscles while making you feel super powerful and pumped up for a day of fun.

Start with your feet a bit wider than your shoulders and turn your right toes toward the front on your mat. Bend your right knee over your ankle and keep your left leg straight. Reach your arms out toward either end of the mat and get energized!

Easy Pose

It’s all in the name; this pose is easy! It’s a great one to do while you’re inside the festival because all you have to do is sit. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the action, try this pose to relax.

All you need to do is sit cross-legged with your feet under the opposite knee. Sit up straight, focus on your breathing, and enjoy a calming stretch for your inner thighs. When you’re ready to hit the next set, you’ll likely have great posture and an even better attitude!

Kneeling Foot Stretch

Did you spend the last 12 hours shuffling? You’re going to need to show your feet some love! The Kneeling Foot Stretch will stretch out your toes and feet so you can show off your moves with minimal pain.

Start by kneeling, with your toes on the ground and your heels high. Slowly lean back until your butt is sitting on your heels and you feel the stretch in your arch and toes. Hold the pose for about thirty seconds, then lean forward to rest. Repeat as needed.

Child’s Pose

This one’s for all the headbangers out there. Child’s pose will stretch out your spine, release tension in your shoulders and help you recover from a day of neck-breaking.

All you have to do is kneel with your feet together, place your palms on the mat as far in front of you as you can reach and let your forehead rest on the mat. This pose will also help you relax and get you ready for a good night’s sleep!

These poses will give you a balanced mind and body to enhance your festival experience even more than you imagined. Don’t forget your Pastel Treasures Marble Yoga Mat that can roll up and be easily stored in your tent or hotel room or tent! Pro tip for campers: lay the mat under your sleeping bag for a little extra cushion and a more restful sleep. Namaste, rave babes!

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