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This year's festival season is consistent of live streams and drive-in raves which has a lot of us feeling out of place. The whole world is so different right now so let’s think about all the good times that we have had. We have so many stories that we can tell, so here are some people who want to share theirs. 

I have, once again, collected the most embarrassing raver stories I could find for this article.

Let’s dive in now, shall we?

bass canyon bass face

“If you've ever been to the Gorge, you know the pit is H O T. Bass Canyon 2018 a guy asked if he could give me a shoulder ride, I KNEW I was sweaty and I told him and he said he didn't care so I was like, "ok cool throw me up there." He did, it was fun, but as soon as I got down I saw my ass cheeks around the collar of this kid's shirt .”  - @_emma_66



“We had just come back from Day 2 of Bass Cannon and our neighbors were trying to cook salmon on their grill and they were out there for like 3 hours and then the person cooking it asked someone they were with, "is this done? Is salmon supposed to be pink, right ?" And they were like, "yeah"...long story short the grill wasn’t even on the whole time” - @Jeslynvenegas



“At Escape 2019, my group pregamed at the parking lot and drank a few vodka Red Bull’s. It was a bit of a walk from the parking lot to the entrance and we all had to pee so we stopped by the portapotties in front of the entrance. I REALLY had to pee but unfortunately, the line was hella long, so by the time it was my turn I was pretty much bursting. I took off all the layers of bottoms I had with my outfit and peed with such enthusiasm but after I peed I realized that I forgot to take my underwater off and it was completely soaked through 😨 I tried cleaning up the best I could but I had to wear my damn gross wet underwear for the rest of the day, I had a meltdown 😂” - @loanabanana82


lasers at a festival

So, I was still hungover from the night before so I figured hey, you know I might as well cure this hangover with some food and drinks.. I mean makes sense?? I ate an ungodly amount of wings. Like whatever amount you’re thinking of, multiply it by like 10 maybe. Anyway, I ate “some'' wings and had a “few” beers while we were waiting for the next set. I then was feeling great. The food really helped and to be honest my hangover started to go away a little. We were listening to Vic Mensa’s set (which was dopee) and then maybe 10 minutes in I started getting stomach cramps. My stomach then began to gurgle a bit. I was like, “you know maybe it’s just some gas, it’ll subside”. Nah... it did the opposite. If you think it’s gas but you’re still questioning it, it’s not gas. It’s straight #2. Yeah, I felt it and let’s just say my soul died in that moment. “Dude do you smell that” came from someone next to me talking to their buddy. We now skip to the part where I run off to the bathrooms and text my friends the situation and somehow they came with an extra pair of pants?? Needless to say, fart only on the toilet and don’t eat your body weight in wings. Peace!” - @oliverflynnflynn



“It was Lost Lands 2018. I had taken a break from the scene for 4 years and LL was my first live EDM experience in a long time. The lineup was from a dubstep lovers dream. Rezz was on at the same time as Flux, but I couldn’t miss the chance at an OG, "I Can’t Stop". So I make my way to center front during his set and I Can’t Stop starts to build up. And build up. And I feel the drop coming. The music cuts out right at the top and I take, what I thought was, the appropriate pause before shouting, "I CANT STOP" at the top of my lungs. But I was too early. Too soon. As the words escaped my lips, I knew I had made a mistake. A second after I made that detrimental error, Flux dropped the bass and I was the fool in the pit that couldn't time a bass drop.” - @chubbiwubbi



It was my second Paradiso 2017. One night, me and this guy I was super into in were walking around GA it was late, Like 5 am late lol. Well, I had to use the GA bathrooms if that gives you a mental image of how gross they are & in the middle of situating myself I dropped my entire fanny pack In the pot. Phone. Keys. Ticket. Mask. Makeup. Everything coated. Well, I grab it & do my best to soak it with all the toilet paper in there. I’m sure he was wondering wtf was taking so long.  Well, I come out and of course, didn’t tell him because we weren’t on that level yet. And our entire walk back to gold I smelt like hot crap. He kept trying to hold my hand & get all close. I did my very best to keep my distance & hope he didn’t smell me but I’m sure he did. Long story short we don’t talk anymore & I never told him.”-@larissaboner5



Oh my goodness, so it was Lost Lands 2019 and I had come in before my group so I could catch Sullivan King's set. Well, afterwards I was literally STARVING so I went and got one of those $20 chicken tender baskets with a side of tots. So I'm sitting there during SVDDEN DEATH'S set just munching along, minding my own business and this guy comes walking up the hill, high fives another guy laying down in front of me and I.KID.YOU.NOT. looks down at my basket, swipes my LAST chicken tender, tries to eat it, and DROPS IT ON THE GROUND!!!! I sat there absolutely stunned and heartbroken that my very last and very expensive piece of chicken literally got stolen right out from underneath me and got dropped within three feet of me. My friends found me a while later and I was still fuming. *DISCLAIMER* IF YOU'RE OUT THERE, GUY WHO STOLE MY CHICKEN TENDER, YOU OWE ME ONE THX <3” - @screamingkate_


paradiso crowd photo

“I accidentally stole sandwiches while highly intoxicated at Paradiso and my fiance could not stop laughing at me. I was so embarrassed and felt so dumb. There was 2 lines at the wrap stand, 1 to pay and then the other where people were picking up food. The pickup line was shorter and my lit self was like, HELL YEAH SHORT LINE. So I get up and the lady asks my name. I tell her. She looks confused and I just tell her what sandwich I wanted. She says "oh weird they must have heard your name wrong" and I (way too loudly) yell back ITS ASHLEY. And she’s all "oh I heard you, I just didn’t see your name, here you go! Enjoy" so I walk up to my fiance all proud of myself and my chicken wrap like, "they wrote my name wrong so she gave me my sandwich for free!" And he starts cracking up and is like "that is absolutely not what happened. You definitely stole someone else's food, Ashley." He couldn't stop laughing and I almost cried.” - Ashley Brown



It was Paradiso 2019. I was hanging out with some friends before the second day of the festival started and my allergies were terrible. I decided to rinse my eyes out with water to see if it would help at all, but at some point, someone had switched my water bottle for a water bottle full of gin. So that gin went straight into my open eye. I didn’t realize why it burned so bad till it rolled to my mouth and I tasted it but no one around me realized till after I had already taken care of it and moved on”  - @therealjentlie



“It was at Bass Canyon 2018. It was my first festival I went to with my boyfriend Jairus, and also my first time at the Gorge. Anyway, I had to peeeeeeeeeee! I timed it perfectly. I made it into the Honey Bucket and I climbed up onto the seat feet firmly planted I thought. I let go thinking it was safe, lost my balance and peed my whole pants. We didn’t camp so I had to sit in my pee shorts for the duration until we got back to the hotel. It was so awesome! I had so much fun I couldn’t care less about my accident. I’ve been in love with Jeff since I first heard him in 2015 so I couldn’t be bothered by the minor setback of peeing myself. The other incident didn’t happen at a festival sadly. I was just at an arcade waiting for a friend and lost my mind for a minute. But I’m okay now."  - @b247365

On that note, read about why I danced with an egg for 12 hours at a festival…

guy holding an egg at a festival

My story isn’t embarrassing as it is a fun story to tell. This happened at Sasquatch Festival, here in Washington, a couple of years ago. I went to this festival by myself, so I had to make a lot of friends. 

I stumbled across this campsite (they were camped next to people that I had met the previous year at Sasquatch) and we were playing a game. Basically, it's a game of wagers and the losers have to do what the winner says. I lost. 

The bet was: carry an uncooked egg into a festival. Easy. The game got more interesting when the person who made the rule had to EAT the uncooked egg if you got it back out of the festival fully intact. 

There were 6 of us who had eggs. The first couple made rookie mistakes and put them in their pockets/backpacks and didn't even make it inside. Then there were 4. Getting past security was the easy part, eggs weren't on the list of prohibited items. I eventually split up from this group, but kept my egg. I danced with this egg (that I eventually named El-egg-xandria) for about 12 hours.

She was my everything,  I protected her through all. When I would set her down to get a beer, I watched her the whole time and would get the weirdest looks from the staff.

As I sat on the hill after sunset with my egg, I knew my time here was done. Walking back to my campsite at the end of the day, I got pretty sad because I KNEW if I brought this egg back to the random’s campsite, she would be eaten. I sluggishly brought her back, and the group that made the bet FREAKED OUT cause they all forgot about my egg. He ended up eating Eleggxandria and instantly threw up. She lived a good life, and I am not embarrassed. I am proud of all that we accomplished.

egg at the gorge

I hope this article brought a smile to your face like it did mine. I asked for submissions on lots of popular EDM facebook groups, and the response was insane. It was so great seeing hundreds and hundreds of HILARIOUS stories from a life we all miss so much. We all look forward to the day we get to go back to shaking it on the dance floor. Make sure to keep your safe social distance and wear your masks so we can all be united once again. PLUR.
P.s. If you want to check out the original "Most Embarrassing Raver Moments," click here!


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