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Everybody knows that couples who rave together, stay together. But what about couples who dress together? Wearing matching rave outfits to a festival can be really fun for so many reasons. 

First off, it’s a great way to show off your love! Everyone will know you are together when you are wearing matching outfits Second, photos will look super amazing when your color palettes or themes compliment each other.

Depending on the event, you can match your bae in various levels. For example, if it is a themed event, such as Beyond Wonderland, you can dress as characters or ideas from the theme. If it’s a holiday such as Valentine’s day- you can dress in red, white and/or pink. For any event, you can always wear the same fabric but different pieces. Here's some inspo for rave outfits for couples or squads that will land all eyes on you guys:


There are a few ways to approach a couple’s outfit for a themed event. You can both wear the same theme but just different versions of a costume or look (ex. Skeletons or monochrome) or you can be the opposites that work together (ex. Pirate & Mermaid or Alien & Astronaut)

Fortune Teller & Voodoo Master

Fortune Teller Costume Idea
Voodoo Costume Idea

Voodoo Kitty Joggers, Voodoo Kitty Pullover Hoodie, Optical Illusion Seamless Mask Bandana, Pixel Pro LED Goggles


Looking for easy couples costumes? Seamless masks are a super easy and fun way to match your bae, festie bestie or anyone in your squad! Become an alien with one accessory.

Creative Couples Costumes with Alien Theme

ET Seamless Mask Bandana @madamekandi @monsieurkandi

Matching Color Palette

You don’t have to literally wear the exact same color to create matching outfits. You can create a cute couples outfit by picking a palette with multiple colors and go with that. For example - you could choose pastels, black and red, white & gold or really anything you like.

Couples Outfits with Pink and Purple matching tones

Monochrome Tie Dye T-Shirt, Rave Princess Ultra High Cut One Piece @kell_lovesorangesoda @prettymuchpro5

Couples Outfits with Matching Color Patterns

Cyber Owl Men's Tank Top @laurenkelliee & @rickitycrickets

Couples Outfits for a festival or rave

Liquid Leather One Piece, Coral Crush Faux Fur Puffer Jacket, Polygon Owl Crewneck Sweatshirt

Trippy Daisy Print Tee and White Lace Maxi Skirt with White Lace Halter Top

Trippy Daisies Men's Tee, Open-Front Chiffon Maxi Skirt @blissful.owl @dir_t_mike

Galaxy Tee and Galaxy Shorts Couples Costume with Matching ColorsA World Away Men's Tank TopCataclysmic Men's Athletic ShortsDisco Party Savage Wrap Around Top, Disco Party Micro Cut Out Booty Shorts @jaimekennn @harrisonseay


Dark & Trippy

A psychedelic mix of liquid rainbow and black works really well on girls and guys. Using our Liquified print as the base, you can create super dark and trippy looks for both you and your bae.

Rainbow Trip Bodysuit with Black Demonias

Demonia She's No Angel Black Patent Boots, Hex Net Stockings With Attached Garter Belt

Trippy Rainbow Tee with Galaxy Joggers

Liquified Men's Tee, Drifting Spaceman Joggers, Perception Seamless Mask Bandana, Kandi Swirl Kaleidoscope Goggles

Into the Galaxy

We have tons of rad galaxy prints in an array of different colors and cuts. You can never go wrong with these prints.

Matching Couples Tee with Galaxy Print

Team Electric Pullover Hoodie @demichase

Matching Couples Costume with Marijuana Galaxy Print

Ganja Galaxy Men's Tank Top, Ganja Galaxy Bodysuit 



The best thing to do while choosing festival outfits for couples - pick a vibe, color or theme and build your looks together. It's often easiest to start with one clothing item that one of you already has and go from there. Or go shopping online together and see what you vibe with the most.

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