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Since getting into the EDM scene and becoming completely addicted to this lifestyle after attending my first EDM festival back in 2016, iHeartRaves was the first festival fashion brand on my radar. After receiving my first order and LOVING every single thing about it, I was hooked. I have shopped iHeartRaves for years, I promote the brand and now write for the blog, too. I’ve always wanted to be a unicorn and as the universe would have it, I was chosen as one for Excision’s third year of Lost Lands in Ohio!

For those that don't know what the "Unicorn Crew" is - it's a special program that iHeartRaves offers to essentially be a brand ambassador for the weekend, along with 3-4 other girls. The Unicorn Crew "attends the festival together, wears matching iHeartRaves outfits, and interacts with attendees. The crew represents the brand at the festival and provides coverage of the event to their network of social media followers and fans. Anyone who loves EDM festivals, iHeartRaves, and is looking for a festival experience different from any other is welcome to apply!"

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a unicorn, too, or maybe you’ve never really given it much thought before. Either way, I’d love to share my incredible experience to give you some insight on exactly what it was like, so maybe you’ll consider applying to be a unicorn, too!

Here are 5 reasons why I LOVED being a Unicorn:

1. The Friendships

Let me tell you - this group of ladies couldn’t have been any more perfect for one another. We all clicked instantly! Before even officially meeting in person, we actually had a poppin' group chat. We were all so different, but so similar all at the same time. Once we were actually together, it was as if we’d been friends for years! In fact, so many people were stunned to learn we actually just met only a few days prior and weren’t actually long-time best friends. It’s safe to say, we now totally are! It’s really comforting to know these are 3 other festival lovers who are there for the same reason, will have your back, and simply want to have fun with you while promoting such an incredible brand. I miss them already!

iHeartRaves Unicorn Crew at Lost Lands

2. The Outfits

As part of the Unicorn Crew experience, iHeartRaves provides a bomb outfit for every day of the festival. Since Lost Lands is a 3-day festival, we each received 3 incredible matching outfits! The excitement and anticipation of waiting to see what we were going to get to wear was intense! It was also a relief having somebody from iHeartRaves style the clothes - it took a lot of pressure off of me for planning my outfit and it was nice to know I wouldn't be forgetting anything! I literally love everything on the website and I was happy to get to show off some of their incredible products. I can’t wait to mix and match some of these pieces into future festival outfits!

Matching Outfits at Lost Lands Festival

3. The Connections

Not going to lie, being 4 outgoing, fun, happy ladies all wearing matching outfits, we got a lot of positive attention in the way that so many amazing souls came up to dance with us, talk to us, and trade kandi with us even beyond the people we approached ourselves! Because of this, we made so many new friends and were able to hear so many incredible stories! A lot of people realized and recognized that we were the iHeartRave Unicorn Crew which was SUPER fun and exciting! We got to take so many photos with so many beautiful people. Making genuine connections with other people at festivals is one of my favorite parts of the community. SO much love, light, and positivity to be shared.

Girls Wearing Matching Outfits at Lost Lands Festival



4. The Memories

Being an iHeartRaves Unicorn was definitely an unforgettable experience. Beyond all the positive interactions, kandi exchanges and photos taken with wonderful people, beyond the cool outfits and social media interactions, some of the best memories I’ll cherish forever from this experience is getting to do it as a group of women who truly supported, uplifted and empowered one another. We became friends instantly and really shared our love of music with each other. We danced together, we got emotional together, we shared our energy with each other and it’s something I’ll remember forever!


5. The Experience

Aside from everything I described above, this program is a really cool way to experience a festival in a completely new and different way, that might even be outside of your comfort zone! It can be scary thinking about attending a festival with three strangers, but trust me - it's worth it! Also, for me, it was my first year at Lost Lands, so I was excited to have this brand new experience at a festival I was going to for the first time. It made it all the more special to me.

Girls Wearing Matching Sets at Lost Lands

Overall, this is an experience I can’t recommend enough. If this sounds like something you think is outside of your comfort zone, and if that’s the case, I encourage you to consider it even more! It’s an extremely positive experience that you really don’t get to have any other way. After being an iHeartRaves unicorn once, I am confident that I will try and apply for future festivals. It was without a doubt a weekend I’ll always remember and it wouldn’t have been the same without the 3 ladies I went with, all thanks to iHeartRaves, Excision and Lost Lands!


For more information about the Unicorn Crew program, click here.

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