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As we all know, raving was put on pause throughout the last year. But guess what my loves? Raves and festivals are coming back which means some of the hottest fashion trends are coming back too!

When planning outfits in the post-COVID-19 world you will want to make a major statement. Because you weren't able to show off your favorite rave clothing for a whole year, you owe it to yourself to go all out.

In doing so, incorporating some sort of reflective clothing piece or accessory will make your outfit a complete show stopper. Reflective clothing is very popular amongst ravers due to the shine and reflection it has from the festival lights and camera flashes.

Chap, Chap, Chap In

Chaps themselves have recently become a hot trend at festivals giving off a young Xtina vibe. They are not only trendy, but they also serve a whole lot of looks.

Chaps provide a little coverage for the cooler temps, but also allow some parts of your bottom half to breathe in the hotter temps allowing it to be universal in different seasons.

When adding in the reflective aspect, your chaps will be irresistible and turn heads the whole night. Pairing your chaps with a top of your choice and of course accessories will have your Instagram poppin'.


Bodysuits are also a popular trend not only at raves but with fashion in general. You can add many different layers on top of bodysuits such as a jacket and some bottoms to complete a whole look. On the flip side, you can just wear the bodysuit and dress it up with makeup, glitter, and accessories.

If you are a festival goer there is a big chance that you will be rocking a bodysuit. The only thing better than a bodysuit is a reflective bodysuit.

With a reflective bodysuit, everyone in the festival will turn their heads to your body-ody-ody serving looks and shining in the night lights looking like the goddess you are. 

Can’t Forget Footwear

There's a saying that a person's shoes can tell a lot about them. We believe that statement is definitely true which is why it's important to go big or go home with your footwear!

Reflective footwear is amongst the most popular at festivals whether it be sneakers, heels, or platform shoes. Even if you don't have any other reflective clothing, pairing what you have with a reflective shoe will make your outfit automatically shine bright like a diamond.

With the reflection on your feet, other ravers will be able to point you out in a crowd and watch while admiring the movement of your feet in the festival lights. 

Paste Me Baby One More Time

What would a rave babe be without her nipple pasties? Wearing nipple pasties at raves has become increasingly popular over time. Pasties can come in different shapes, sizes, and patterns/colors.

If you want to turn heads at the festival, adding reflective pasties to your outfit is a must. Reflective pasties provide coverage to your nipples all while allowing the girls to be free.

The festival lights and camera flashes will perfectly illuminate the pasties giving off an exotic fashion statement that we want to see more of.

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