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Glitter is all fun and games until you get home after a long night of raving and face the challenge of trying to get it off. It can be an absolute nightmare to take off, and if not done correctly you could be left with little glittery reminders for weeks! 

If you’re worried about turning up to your Monday morning meeting still covered in glitter [Editor's Note: glitter at iHeartRaves meetings is welcomed with open arms] then this one's for you! Here are our top tips on how to remove glitter from your face and hair properly.

Hot Water and Soap

Without a doubt, the best way to remove glitter is just by washing your face with soap under a hot shower. Use a good oil-based face wash or cleanser to get those last pesky bits of sparkle off. Simple as that!

Hot water may be hard to come by if you’re camping at a music festival so keep scrolling to find some better hacks for removing glitter when you’re not heading home right away!

You Can Always Count on Oil

Use coconut oil or olive oil to gently emulsify your makeup, leaving your skin soft and sparkle free.

Saturate a cotton pad with the oil of your choice and glide it over your skin in a sweeping motion. Depending on how much glitter you have on your face, you may have to repeat this a few times. Once you’ve removed most of the sparkle, go over your skin with a water-soaked cotton pad to get the remainder of the glitter and the oil off.

Use olive oil to wash the glitter out of your hair. Lather it all over your scalp, massage it through your hair, let it soak for 10 minutes then wash it out. Not only will your hair be glitter-free but it’ll also be smooth as silk!

Use A Spoolie Brush

Grab a package of spoolie brushes (those brushes used in mascara tubes) from the drugstore the next time you're there to use as a glitter removing tool. Dry spoolie brushes will pick up the glitter from your skin easily, and help you direct where you're removing the glitter so you can make sure it ends up in the garbage and not in our water supply or on the ground outside.

Blot Glitter Out of Your Hair with Hairspray

If glitter roots are your festival go-to, you’ll love how simple this cleansing technique is. Spray kitchen roll with hairspray until it’s sticky, then blot the sparkle out of our roots. It will lift the specks of glitter out of your scalp without pulling the hairs out of your head!

Steer Clear of Face Wipes

Face wipes can irritate your skin, leading to redness or a rash. Definitely not how you want to end a fantastic weekend at a music festival! They also tend to just move the glitter around rather than wipe it off, so in the end they don’t make much of a difference, stay away from them!

Use a Bit of Sticky Tape as a Last Resort

If you’ve got some stubborn glitter residue, you can always rely on a little bit of sticky tape. Wrap a small piece of tape around your finger with the sticky part facing the outside, then just press it gently onto your skin to remove every bit of sparkle left. But whatever you do, only use this method for your face and body, don’t try doing this on your hair!

Apply Your Glitter with a Proper Glitter Adhesive

Think ahead, if you want to wipe off your sparkle with ease, apply it on your skin with a better base coat. Using an adhesive like our Lunautics Galactic Glitter Glue will not only make the application much more seamless but also makes the removal process much easier. It’s water soluble which means you can just use water and it will melt right off!

Need some glitter makeup inspo for your next rave? Check out our top face glitter looks and get ready to embrace your inner rave glitter goddess.

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