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How to Wear Face Glitter
Photo Credit: Pexels

How to Wear Face Glitter

You can never go wrong with wearing face glitter to a music festival! But the task of creating a glittering look can be a daunting and messy affair. Knowing how and where to apply the glitter can be the difference between looking like a human crafts project and a sparkly goddess. Fear not, we’re here to help! Whether you’ve a glitter newbie or a sparkle veteran, get ready to embrace your inner unicorn with our top face glitter looks!

Highlight Your Cheekbones


For a casual and quick look, replace your highlighter with glitter. Put as little or as much as you’d like! Keep it just on your cheekbones or spread it as high as and into your hairline for a really dramatic look. Have fun with it and get creative by switching up the colors or throwing in some chunky sparkle over finer ones. 

We recommend gently tapping some Galactic Glitter Glue on your cheekbones after you’ve applied the rest of your makeup, then sprinkle Lunautics 24Kayy Glitter over the top. The glue will help you keep your sparkle on all night long!

Glitter Eyelids


The easiest way to wear face glitter is to load your eyelids with some fine glitter. If you want to mix things up with chunky glitter just make sure you keep it in the middle and outer part of your eyelid for comfort!

After you’ve finished your eye makeup, sweepLunautics Zenon UV Reactive Glitter over the top of someGalactic Glitter Glue, for an irresistibly glowy look.

Under Eye Shimmer


Heading to a multi-day festival? This one's for you! Perfect if you want to get sparkly and cover up your eye bags from the night before.

Carefully applyGalactic Glitter Glue in a loose triangle shape under your eyes, followed by someLunautics Cosmic Galaxy Glitter and you’re ready to hit the dance floor!

Sparkly Lips


Glitter lips don’t taste great and it’s not the most durable of makeup looks but they look incredible in photos. As long as you don’t mind eating a little glitter throughout the day, this look is definitely worth the trouble!

Start by applying your favorite lip liner and lip stain, this will make sure that when the glitter starts to get patchy your lips won’t lose their shape and color. Do one lip at a time so you have time to dab on the glitter before the lip stain dries.

Glitter Half Moon


This is your quintessential festival glitter makeup look! Create a C-shape starting above your brow bone, cover your temple, and brush down on your cheekbone.

We suggest using theLunautics Rave Bae Neon Glitter Stax for this look so you create depth and detail with the different colors of glitter!

If you’re looking for more inspo? Check out our top5 Festival Makeup Looks to Try Now!

Charlotte of 'The Nitty Gritty Guide'
Charlotte Houareau is a blogger at iHeartRaves and a true music festival addict who runs her own festival blog at She's your go-to for music festival tips, rave fashion recommendations and makeup looks! You can follow her festival adventures @thenittygrittyguide

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