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Glitter is an absolute must-have accessory for raves. It’s super fun to experiment with and it can take your outfit to new dazzling heights. Applying it can be tricky though if you don’t know what you’re doing and can lead to your glitter looking patchy or just simply not looking good. But we’re here to fix that! Here are our foolproof ways to help you put on glitter like a total rave pro. 

Don’t Raid Your Craft Drawer for Glitter

One of the worst mistakes you can make when creating your glitter looks is to use craft glitter. It’s not manufactured to stick on your skin, it’s much harder, and it has sharper edges so it’ll dry it out. Or worse you might cut the surface of your skin and get a rash, especially if you use it on your face or around your eye area where your skin is particularly fragile. Be sure to get some quality cosmetic-grade glitter that you can wear safely and that will treat your skin with kindness!

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Choose Your Look Before You Start

I totally get it, when you get your hands on a pot of glitter the first thing you want to do is go to town on the sparkly stuff and put it all over yourself. Trust me, I've been there and done that but it’s not a good look. I look back on festival photos and often wonder what I was thinking! My advice, choose your glitter look before you start, it can be the difference between being a sparkly rave goddess and a hot glittery mess.

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Glue With a Glitter Adhesive

The best way to make sure your look stays in place at a rave is to use a glitter adhesive. Apply it on the area you’d like to put glitter on, then lightly sprinkle sparkles over it. Tidy it up a bit if necessary and then allow it to dry. It’s as easy as that!

Treat yourself to the Lunautics Galactic Glitter Glue, it’ll make sure you never lose your sparkle no matter how hard you ride that rail and sweat at your next rave!

Use a Makeup Brush

You could totally apply glitter with your fingertips, but I’ve always found that dabbing it on with a makeup brush helps to make sure you get it in all the right places. Using your fingers can quickly turn into a glitter nightmare because it’ll often get stuck to your fingers rather than your face. I usually pack a few different makeup brushes when I travel to music festivals so I can get creative with my glitter looks.

Create Glitter Stamps Out of Makeup Sponges

This hack is particularly good for the last day of a music festival. At this point you’re probably sleep-deprived and the last thing you want to do is sit there with different makeup brushes trying to figure out how to apply glitter to your face. Instead, use custom glitter stamps made out of cheap or old makeup sponges! You can cut out all sorts of shapes, then dip that sponge in glitter and dab on your face for a super quick glitter look.

Remember to cut your glitter stamps at home and bring them to the festival, don’t try to bring scissors to the event!

Have Q-Tips on Standby

Glitter mishaps happen to the best of us! It can get really messy and it can sometimes get in the wrong places, so make sure to always have a few cotton swabs at the ready to tidy up your glitter looks before heading to the rave!

Now you’re ready to pull off glitter like a total rave pro! We can’t wait to see what looks you create at your next rave, be sure to tag us @iheartraves on IG.

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