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Electric Daisy Carnival celebrates its 10th year in Las Vegas, Nevada. As the biggest Music Festival in the United States, its journey to earn this title is well deserved. Insomniac has sparked a community filled with love, art, & music so infectious EDC's electric-sky has spread across the globe, but it all comes back home to EDCLV - May 15th - 17th.

Here are 6 facts about EDCLV to get you excited about returning underneath the electric sky:


1. There are over 250 DJ’s Playing! 

    During the Night Owl Radio lineup announcement, Pasquelle announced that there are over 250 artists playing this year at EDC this year over the course of the weekend. I mean, there's something for everyone on this lineup. 

    EDC Las Vegas Lineup

    Photo Credit: Insomniac Events

    2. EDCLV 2020 is SOLD OUT!

    Yes, that’s right, tickets are sold out. With over 150,000 people in attendance for each day, all three days, that's a lot of ravers all together in one place, to celebrate music, love and creativity. Make sure you join the waitlist if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet. Join the waitlist for tickets for tickets become available: here. 

    EDCLV At Night

    Photo Credit: EDC / Insomniac Events


    3. Insomniac is using the FULL Speedway for EDC!

    According to Pasquella Rotella, CEO and Insomniac Founder, they will be taking full advantage of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway making this the biggest EDC yet! For details, check out his Instagram post. The whole track is 1.5 miles. 150,000 acres of rave.

    EDC Mainstage at Night

    Photo Credit: EDC/ Insomniac Events


    4. EDCLV has over 8 Stages!

    EDC is known for its massive stages, and there are 8 of them. kineticFIELD, cosmicMEADOW, circuitGROUNDS, neonGARDEN, the list goes on. The “Kinetic Cathedral” was the largest stage structure to be built in North America, at over 440 feet long it was longer than a football field and wider than The Statue of Liberty. (source)

    Don't overlook the art car stages, they may not be kinecticFIELD but they have just as much energy all night long. If you're in the right place at the right time, it may just make your entire night, like when Kaskade electrified the kalliopeARTCAR with a secret REDUX set while not even on the line-up.

    Discover all the stages here.

    EDCLV Kinetic Field at Night

    Photo Credit: EDC / Insomniac


    5. Since 2011, EDCLV has had over 3,450,000 Attendees

    Don’t get left out, be a part of this crowd, be a part of the love, art, music. Get your ticket if you haven’t yet, squad up, and get under the electric sky.  It’s all worth it. 

    Performers at EDC Las Vegas

    Photo Credit: EDC / Insomniac Events


    6. Over 2.5 Million sq feet of turf was used for Camp EDC 2019

    Only introduced a few years ago, CampEDC has truly become a staple for your EDCLV journey. Thousands come together and create a mini-community within EDCLV. Insomniac knows how to glamp, they create an oasis under the electric sky by providing reflective tents (pre set up), stages just for CampEDC, pools, and baby goats! All this and more sits on 2.5million sq ft of turf to make your nights in the desert one you won't forget. (source) 

    Pool at Camp EDC Las Vegas

    Photo Credit: EDC / Insomniac Events 

    Here is the map from last year, as you can see it’s massive. All info on camping can be found here.

    Camp EDC Map

    Photo Credit: EDC / Insomniac Events 

    Over the course of the three days at EDC, you will not see everything, I promise -but that's what makes it worth coming back year after year! I also promise that you will see thousands of like-minded individuals gathered in one place, doing exactly what they love to do. 

    This environment cannot be replicated, due to the crazy amount of performers walking around, art exhibits to explore and music to be heard. EDCLV is, and will always be, the move. 

    More information about EDCLV can be found on Insomniac's website, here.

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