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You have your ticket, your hotel is secured, but you’re not ready to leap down the rabbit hole until you’ve put together your perfect outfit ensembles. Beyond Wonderland kicks off Southern California’s festival season and returns to NOS Event Center in San Bernardino on Friday, March 20th & Saturday, March 21st, 2020.


This festival invokes the incredibly kooky and fantastical world of Alice in Wonderland, and Beyond Wonderland fashion is no exception. This is your opportunity to flaunt your creative energy into your Beyond outfits, whether you want to dress as Tweedledee and Tweedledum with your festie bestie, reign supreme as the Queen of Hearts, metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly, or transform into the intimidating Jabberwocky. 


Don’t have your Beyond Wonderland outfit planned out yet? Well, don’t fret. We’ll make sure you won’t be late to this very important date. Here are a few options for Beyond Wonderland looks to inspire your fashion creativity: 


1. Trippy Print


3. Butterfly Babe

4. Trippy Mushroom

5. Clouds

6. Card Print

7. Rabbitt


1. Trippy Print

Embody the weirdness that is Wonderland with some trippy prints that will turn your rave fashion up a crazy notch and give you that edgy boost you’ll need to lead the crowd down the rabbit hole. 

Trippy Bikini Top with Fence Net Bodysuit

Trip Sitter Outfit

Neon Pink Cutout Top with Trippy Print High Waisted Bottoms

Groovy Gal High Waisted Thong

2. Flamingo

You won’t be mistaken for anyone's croquet mallet in this pretty in pink outfit. Strut your fabulous fashion with this feathery but classic look. Want a bit more shimmer? Don’t be shy and sprinkle on some glitter!

Flamingo Rave Outfit

Not Ur Baby Marabou Mesh Skirt Set, Get Braidified Hair Extensions, Demonia Badass Chunky Heel White Platforms, Lunautics Love Face Jewels


3. Butterfly Babe

Everyone will be asking “whO aRe yoU?” while you’re dancing around the festival grounds in these bold butterfly fits. Whether you’re matching with your festival fam or the only butterfly in the bunch, you’ll have a great time flitting around Wonderland. 

Butterfly Babe Outfits

Butterfly Kiss Wrap Around Bikini Top, Butterfly Kiss Marabou Wrap Mini Skirt, Butterfly Bobby Pins

Hot Pink Butterfly Outfit

Butterfly Groove Front Tie Crop Top, Butterfly Groove High Waisted Booty Shorts


4. Trippy Mushroom

Dream to be a fashionable fungi? Unleash your weird and wacky side with this trippy mushroom outfit. Dress it up with face jewels and glitter for a more personalized look. 

Trippy Mushroom Outfit

Trip Sitter Reflective Shroom Sporty Crop Top, Trip Sitter Reflective Shroom High Cut Bottoms, Get Braidified Pastel Me More Hair Extensions, Lunautics Secret Garden Glitter, Pair Of Non-Slip Rainbow Leg Wraps



Are you a dreamer just like Alice? Share your inner whimsical nature with these Head in the Clouds looks. Don’t forget your Fluffy Cloud Nailz, these details are everything. 

Matching Mesh Cloud Long Sleeve Top and Bottoms

Head In The Clouds Mesh Long Sleeve Top, Head In The Clouds Mesh Mini Skirt

 Cloud Vinyl Skirt

iHR x J. Val Cloud Cutie Mesh Crop TopiHR x J. Val Cloud Cutie Vinyl Skirt


6. Card Print

Cards play an icon part in the Alice in Wonderland movie! Dress the part with a card-print crop top, or card-themed pasties!

Card Inspired Alice in Wonderland Look

Wonderland Cards Crop Top, Love In the Air Mesh Heart Tee

 Ace of Spades Pasties

7. Rabbit

Last but not least - you can never go wrong with a rabbit theme for your Beyond Wonderland outfit! If you don't want to be the traditional white rabbit, you can put your own unique spin on it by incorporating rabbit themes to your outfit, like this Bad lil' Bunny outfit!
Pink Bunny Outfit

As you let your creativity shine at Beyond, make sure your comfort is a top priority as well. It’s a long and weird journey ahead of you, and you’ll come back with plenty of tales to tell. Now that you have your outfit ideas locked in, you’re ready to paint the roses red! If you still need more Beyond Wonderland outfit inspo, check out the new Beyond Wonderland Outfits collection!

See you in Wonderland!


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