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If you’ve never been to a rave or music festival before, you’ve probably wondered “What kind of people go to raves?” You’re probably wondering if you’d fit in at a rave or a music festival, or if you’ll stick out like a sore thumb amongst all of the attendees. Everyone has had these thoughts at one point or another, but one of the best things about rave culture is that it’s all about being yourself. You’ll fit in as long as you are having fun, being your authentic self, and not ruining anyone else’s good vibes. With that said, there are few classic rave stereotypes and types of people you’ll probably run into at every event on the dancefloor. So, what kind of people go to raves? Here is each type, classified.


The New Kid

Everyone has to start somewhere, so you’re bound to notice a few first time ravers or newbies at any rave or festival experience. Even if you think you know what to expect, you probably have no idea, so these people will walk around looking like their minds are completely blown - because they are! If you see someone looking a little lost or unsure of themselves, make sure you make them feel welcomed and help them have an awesome time at their first rave. We’ve all been there!

The Neon Queen

Dressed in head to toe neon, this girl or guy wants to see and be seen! You can’t go wrong with this rave fashion classic, which looks great when paired together for an all-neon look, or added to shades of black for a little extra punch. Let your inner wild child express herself and add a bit of neon to your look!

neon pink bodysuit


The Kandi Kids

If you haven’t yet heard of “kandi,” you’ll definitely be thoroughly initiated by the end of your first rave thanks to the kandi kids. Kandi are colored, often beaded bracelets that wrap around your arms or neck, and they’re a fun souvenir to swap with your new festival BFFs. Kandi kids are all about good vibes and love to meet new people. If your arms are bare, they’re sure to find you and hook you up with some kandi of your very own.

raver wearing KASKADE kandi at a rave


Rainbow Babes

Nothing says you’re here for a good time quite like rainbow colors and patterns, and the rainbow babes have this look down pat. Their brightly colored outfits make them easy to spot, and websites like iHeartRaves have tons of ideas on fun ways to incorporate part of their look, from traditional rainbow print, to rainbow sequins, rainbow checkers, holographic patterns, and more.

rainbow rave outfit

The Smartphone Addicts

Everyone wants to capture the best and most fun moments of a rave or festival on their cell phone to share with friends and family on social media, but you’ll know a smartphone addict when you see one at your next rave. The smartphone addict might be spotted trying to capture video of their favorite act’s entire set, or taking selfie after selfie in their brave new rave outfit. While there’s nothing wrong with trying to capture the memories from an awesome night, viewing the entire event from behind a camera lens is no fun. Make sure to put your phone away for at least a few songs each set so you can really enjoy the vibes and dance without worrying about breaking or losing your phone.

The Mesh Kween

Mesh is all the rage at raves  - think of it as the “little black dress” of raves. This sexy look is not only hot, it’s also cool - literally - because of the extra airflow you’ll get between your skin and the fabric! Mesh is a great option for those summer festivals when you know you’ll be working up a major sweat, but don’t forget your sunscreen.

light blue mesh set

The Platform Princess

Music festivals and raves mean you’ll be doing two things a whole lot: walking and dancing. With that said, comfortable shoes are key, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while you do it! The platform princess knows that platform shoes give your outfit a literal boost and add a fun element to your look, while also helping you stand just a little higher to see the stage. You’ll find more platforms that you even thought possible on websites like iHeartRaves, which sells clothing and accessories specifically designed for the needs and styles of ravers. 

tips for wearing platforms to raves

Looking for tips on wearing platforms to raves? iHeartRaves has got you covered!

The Glover

If you’re new to raves, you probably haven’t heard of glovers, but you’ll definitely notice them when you arrive at your first event. Glovers use light-up LED rave gloves to put on spectacular shows after the sun goes down, and they love to entertain the crowd. Glovers love to perform and they’re literally there with the hope of blowing your mind, so don’t be afraid to ask for your own show if you see someone wearing rave gloves. We guarantee the people around you will be stoked to see the show, too!

glover giving a lightshow


The Rave Dude

While most of the talk about what to wear around raves centers around looks for women, rave dudes love to get in on the action with some fun looks of their own! Sure, there’s always going to be that guy who shows up in a t-shirt and shorts, but rave dudes will be there in tie-dye, neon, mesh, and who knows what else. Rave clothing sites aren’t just for the ladies - there are plenty of hot men’s looks, too!


The Rave Couple

They say that the couple that raves together stays together, and we certainly hope that’s true! Whether you’re bringing your significant other with you to your favorite event or you met a new love when you locked eyes during your favorite set, there’s something special about sharing a rave with someone special. You might catch them in matching outfits (so cute!), but no matter what, you’re sure to see them dancing happily together all night long and taking some adorable photos for the ‘gram.

raver couple

The Shuffler

The shuffler never stops moving - or at least that’s how it seems. These guys and gals may have been practicing their moves in front of the mirror for months, or they may just be naturally talented - we’ll never know. Either way, make sure you give them plenty of space to do their thing, because shufflers often travel in packs and have been known to push people out of the way in a crowd to form a shuffle pit. Don’t be afraid to stop and watch - they’re putting on a show for a reason, and maybe you’ll even learn a new move or two!

The Vintage Raver

Let’s face it - raves and music festivals have been around for decades, and we didn’t invent them. A vintage raver has either been part of the rave scene since the beginning and can tell you some crazy stories about the good ol’ days. Or, maybe their simply inspired by the vintage fashion aspect! 

boho festival outfit


The Flower Girl

You’ll spot the flower girl at your next festival easily. She may be rocking a flower crown - one of the most popular race accessories for ladies - as well as a floral crop top, some high waisted shorts, and maybe a peace sign or a butterfly print or two to complete the look. This is your typical "hippie" look serving you positive vibes. She’s what it would look like if 1969 and 2020 had a baby, and she’s all about the peace, love, happiness, and good vibes.

blue butterfly set

Do you recognize yourself in any of these groups? Maybe you don’t just yet, and maybe you never will, but that’s the beauty of rave culture. It’s not only OK to be yourself - it’s the only thing you need to worry about being! No matter what you wear or how you look, your fellow ravers are there to love you, support you, and make sure you have a great time. It’s all about peace, love, unity, and respect, and you’ll find that at your next rave whether you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt or head to toe neon mesh. 

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