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I was two years old in 1995 when Nocturnal Wonderland was created by Insomniac and finally 24 years later I will be attending! I have been dying to go as long as I’ve been raving. Sadly, it will be held for the last time at the Glen Helen Regional Park but I’m honored to attend. (If you're on the fence about attending, I would HIGHLY recommend attending this while it's still at Glen Helen - I've heard great things about this venue, especially with this festival!) September 14th and 15th from 3pm till midnight the park will be transformed into a wonderland. Here's everything you need to know to have a magical weekend:

The Lineup/Stages:

First things first, you NEED to check out this awesome lineup. The lineup is one of the most important parts to the festival and this year's lineup is AMAZING:

Nocturnal Wonderland 2019 Lineup


The stages even have the best names that keep me excited to catch sets at them: Wolf’s Den, Labyrinth, Sunken Garden, and the first time ever, the Parliament Art Car! I can’t wait to finally see Dr. Fresch live again, I also love his mashups. 



One of the most fun themes of Nocturnal Wonderland is being able to dress the part for this funky festival. I will definitely feel like real-life Alice-in-Wonderland for the weekend since it’ll be my first time, but even more for others because there will be three new stages, a pre-party for campers, new art pieces and silent discos. I might even dress the part! If you need outfits, check out iHeartRaves' Nocturnal Wonderland Outfit blog. 

Nocturnal Wonderland Unicorn Crew 

Nocturnal Wonderland Rave Name Generator

Another fun experience Insomniac has added is their Rave Name Generator, on their website you can put your first and last name and it will generate a funny rave name. I already have one given to me by friends and I think Eharmony rolls off the tongue better than “Crusty Groundscore” but maybe for the weekend I’ll use it. Try it yourself and see what you get, you could get “Thirsty Guest List” 

Nocturnal Wonderland Name Generator


The Art Installations/Performers

Nocturnal Wonderland has always been a mystery to me but all the stories I’ve ever heard were how vibrant the colors, art, and people were. I’m most excited for the glow in the dark experiences and three-dimensional artwork. Walking into wonderland is going to be an experience itself, trying to hold my excitement down, I mean “LED-infused life forms” doesn’t that sound like the most amazing thing to see ever?! I am a huge renaissance fair fan and the fact I know there will be performers as forest nymphs and cats will keep me on my toes to find them. 

Nocturnal Wonderland Art Installations
Photo Credit: Nocturnal Wonderland/Insomniac Events

Don’t forget if you are a first-timer or a returner to wonderland be respectful of everyone! Insomniac even wrote a Headliners Handbook in case you need reminding. There are tickets still available for the weekend, check out Insomniac's website! If you want to camp there are still tent camping tickets available get your tickets here! Can’t wait for this weekend.

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