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You guys,  Nocturnal Wonderland is returning to my favorite location this year,  Glen Helen Regional Park, in San Bernadino, CA for some camping, dancing and dressing up! If you haven't already heard, this is the last year that Nocturnal will be held at Glen Helene ( *tear*), which makes this year all that more special.

The festival is set to take place over the weekend of September 14-15, 2019 and I can’t wait. I’ve had some really amazing experiences at Nocturnal, and I am so stoked to see what this year has in store.

One of my favorite aspects of this event is the different fashion trends that appear each year. Wondering what to wear to Nocturnal Wonderland? Here's what I would recommend for Nocturnal Wonderland Outfits this year: 


Nocturnal Wonderland is one of those events where you need to make sure you check the weather the week of to know what to expect. It’s in September which means it could be warm at night or it could be cold once the sun goes down. I’ve experienced both at Nocturnal, and you want to be fully prepared.

I always recommend, no matter what event, packing some leggings with you and a scarf -- girls AND guys. They roll up super small and can end up saving you later if you’re cold. I’ve used my scarf as a maxi skirt before even! I always make sure my friends have a set too so we’re all ready to be as comfortable as possible all night long.

Whether you're looking to be a creature of the night, or radiate rainbow vibes throughout the weekend, there are hundreds of options when it comes to styling for Nocturnal Wonderland outfits. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:


Personally, I LOVE how the advertising for Nocturnal Wonderland has blacklight/UV lighting. There's a really cool tunnel at Nocturnal that has blacklights and neon paint so you can paint or write your name in glowing ink. This tunnel also makes for great photo opps if you happen to be wearing something that will glow under the UV lights!

Tie Dye Pink and Blue Bodysuit

Psychedelic Flower Child Outfit

 Neon Fringe Top and Matching Neon Fringe Skirt

Trippy Rainbow Outfit



Unleash your inner spirit animal with these adorable animal-print outfits! The theme of Nocturnal Wonderland is "creatures of the night," so anything animal print is right on-brand for this funky festival.

Rainbow Zebra 

Neon Zebra Outfit

Midnight Zebra Outfit

Midnight Zebra Outfit


butterfly-rainbow pasties

Animal Pasties, like these Rainbow Butterfly Pasties, can also be a great way to subtlety add hints of animal vibes to your outfit!


Trippy Print

Nocturnal Wonderland always invites some funky vibes, especially if you'll be hanging out at the Sunken Garden stage (one of my personal favorites), and trippy print items are the perfect way to express that! 

Kaleidoscope Outfit

Kaleidoscope Outfit


Kandi Flip Outfit

Kandi Flip Outfit

Trippy Print Seamless Mask

Warning: Glen Helen can be extremely dusty! I would definitely recommend that you bring a Seamless Mask with you.



The Streetwear trend was really popular at festivals like HARD, but I would be willing to bet that we'll see a lot of looks like this at Nocturnal as well:

Black and Pink Chaps and Holographic Harness

Moto Angel Outfit



Tie Dye and Rainbow looks are some of my personal favorites! You can never go wrong with this look. I've been to Nocturnal Wonderland twice and I always try to incorporate this theme on at least of the days. To me, Nocturnal feels whimsical and fun, so this look really matches my vibe!

Rainbow Doll Underboob Crop Top

Rainbow Doll Underboob Crop Top & Rainbow Doll High Waisted Bottoms


Matching Holographic Rainbow Set

Snake Charmer Top & Snake Charmer Booty Shorts // Photo Credit: @katlynsyrett



Want to match with your festie bestie or your squad? Check out the iHeartRaves Unicron Crew Instagram to get some inspiration!

Matching Squad Outfits at Nocturnal

What are YOU wearing to Nocturnal Wonderland? Tell us in the comments below!



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