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Hello, prehistoric people of Lost Lands! As a Lost Lands veteran, I've provided some packing tips before you travel from the far lands of Legend Valley on September 27 - 29th, 2019! Excision, for the third year, is turning back time to Ohio and this year it is on the last weekend of September. That means the weather could be hot during the day and cold at night or any combination the weather wants to be, let’s hope for blue skies and SUNSHINE! Here are some tips for packing for Lost Lands:

1. Bring Comfy Shoes

  • Please don’t be one with nature and have no shoes, keep your feet protected and comfy. It is a long festival with gravel, grass, hills and dips so bring a pair or two with you! You don’t know if it’ll rain like it did 2018 and muddy shoes don’t go good with a fire outfit (plus, having wet feet for hours on end totally sucks), so prepare for both.
  • You can always pack a pair of shoes in your backpack (or store in a locker) in case it rains! iHeartRaves has a great selection of rave shoes, including affordable and comfy combat and tennis shoes

2. Don’t FORGET Sunscreen & Deodorant

  • Protect your skin and your smell. We all enjoy the nice sunshine but blistered skin is painful. There weren’t bright red lobsters roaming with dinosaurs so protect yourself. Protect your fellow cavemen from smelling your forestfume with deodorant -  just a little goes a long way.

3. Double, Triple CONFIRM Your Hotel or Airbnb

  • If you are some that are traveling but not staying at the festival, I suggest you check your reservation wherever you are staying multiple times, ESPECIALLY if your flights get delayed or you may arrive late. Last year I called 6 times before arriving because our flights were delayed and we weren't going to make the hotels check-in time on time so I had to confirm over the phone while running to our uber. I have also seen people lose their rooms because the hotel was overbooked or they never checked their reservation was confirmed. Don’t get stuck in Ohio without a place to stay.

4. Bring Bandana Masks & Fan

  • The weather can be hot, cold, windy, rainy, anything but you can help yourself by being prepared for it all. Masks or Bandanas will help with the wind blowing around the dino dust or your face from the blistering sun. Fans will help even if its cold. I bring fans to every fest, usually extras to give to friends who need them. Let me tell you how many fans I have given away - A LOT. Fans can help from overheating, after someone has gotten sick, from panic attacks from being too much in the crow, many things. They sell fans at LL or IHR has a few festival fans of their own.

Festival Fan from iHeartRaves

5. Don't Forget Cash

  • Most vendors take credit cards at Lost Lands, but sometimes the WIFI doesn’t work. If you need a $2 you should have at least $5 on you. Bring some cash, stash it in a pocket in your bag for emergencies but bring some in case. The ATMs they have in LL are based off the same WIFI as the vendors just so you know.


  • This is the last and MOST IMPORTANT, that’s why it’s bolded, so you understand how important it is to PROTECT YOUR EARS! If you spend money based off of these tips is to buy EARPLUGS. 1 million watts of bass is f@cking amazing but not on your unprotected eardrums. PLEASE GO BUY A PAIR (even if it’s the foam ones) something is better than nothing. Check out this ear plug review for tips about choosing the best fit for your ears!

7. Good Vibes

Lastly, have an amazing time at Lost Lands! It is one experience you need to have in your life. Also bonus tip, you can bring in chairs, blankets, hammocks, and a few other things to sit on to relax the weekend away watching the festival from off your feet. Also never a bad idea to have an extra blanket in your car going to a fest! 

See you at Legend Valley in September!

Ravers at Lost Lands Music Festival

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