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Prepare for X’s up and stretch those necks for the third year of Lost Lands! For the third year in a row, Excision is bringing back the prehistoric fun and heavy bass once again in Legend Valley, Ohio. September 27th - 29th brings another beautiful weekend to check out everything you can. Check out my Lost Lands 2019 article to see what you can get into! If you have never been or it’s your third one (like me) you can’t wait for everything Lost Lands has to offer! Full of fun activities, great people, playful dinosaurs and of course, INSANE watts of bass.

To start off with the elephant in the room, the lineup! COULD IT BE AS BIG AS A BRONTOSAURUS?! I think so! Wow, Excision outdid himself on the number of artists he has coming to Legend Valley this year. I don’t know how to prepare for the set conflicts but it is okay since I know Excision will make it worth it.

For first-timers or anyone who wants to get the inside scoop about Lost Lands, I sat down with a few Lost Lands veterans. Here's the inside scoop on their previous Lost Lands experiences and what they're looking forward to in 2019! 


Dino Spotlight: The Unique Atmosphere

“Lost Lands 2018 is, by far, festival I’ve ever been to. It’s not your typical mainstream festival that everyone and their mothers go to just because they hear about it on the radio.. No, it’s the type of festival in the middle of Thornville, Ohio (where’s that?).. Exactly. It’s that festival that everyone goes to because they’re there for one thing – hard, heavy, dirty, BASS! In addition to the filth, I think art and production was unique and one of a kind. I walked in and felt as if I was living during the time of dinosaurs. Lastly, the people and staff were extremely friendly and did not feel unwelcome upon arrival. It seemed as if the people of Thornville were excited to have us there. Landowners outside of the festival were providing their land as parking spots for us, complimenting people for their outfits, taking pictures with them, and just hanging out drinking and having a little party of their own! I can’t wait for Lost Lands 2019! The lineup is flame and the place is unforgettable. See you soon!” - Ant (most excited for 12th Planet)


“I loved LL simply because we could bring coolers full of food, snacks, and water.” -Cambria (most excited for Blunts & Blondes b2b Hesh. Follow here on Instagram, @Cambriaburga)


“My favorite part of Lost Lands is the dinosaurs, how hard everyone throws down, and seeing how much it grows every year, since jeff put more and more love in it all the time.” -Tay (most excited for Mastadon. Follow him on Twitter, @_daddy__ )


“My favorite part was being at the front of prehistoric Paradox and looking back to see the whole crowd. There was a sea of smiling faces, and we were all there for the same reason. This was my first big festival, and I had never experienced this before, and it was beautiful. This year I am excited to see what is different from last year, and to make new memories with my favorite people!” -Drew (most excited for Habstrakt. Follow him on Twitter, @drewhawkinsyo


Dino Spotlight: The Overall Production 

“Favorite part of LL is how it really is put on for the fans. Excision is so involved in the festival from capping water bottle prices at $2, sending out artist surveys, handling situations personally and staying connected with attendees. You feel like he really is putting it on for you and not just making money. The dinos are always getting bigger and better so that’s dope. Merch is always on point and not overpriced, $40 for special edition Lost Lands electric family camelbak. I’m super excited to see what they do with sound camps this year, I’m sure they will be even better than last year.” - Jake (most excited for Excision b2b Illenium & Dab in the Sky. Follow him on Instagram, @thomasjake73.)


“Lost Lands is solely based on bass in your face and the music, no rides or fairy tales. Just the roots of music like prehistoric times where music is the only thing to care about. I like that the dj camp sets are close to the venue to see artists you may have missed. The water stations are like NEXT TO THE STAGE and not a fat walk. I LOVE all the food options and sitting in the hammocks watching a closing set with space fruit in my hand. Excision is a great advocate for festivals because he even rearranged set times with weather complications to try and let everyone get out safe, even though it was difficult he did do it for the better of the people. I can’t wait to see Subdocta cause he’s a great reno local with some funky womps getting people to groove and headbang. Mostly love LL because my best friend took me for the first time.”- Megs (most excited for Excision b2b Illenium, Sullivan King, Whipped Cream, Flosstradamus. Follow here on Instagram, @miller_megs)


DINO SPOTLIGHT:  The Sound Camps 

“If I had to choose what my favorite part of LL last year, it would probably be the sound camps, the set up they had was phenomenal and bringing back the executioner stage brought a tear to my own two eyes. I’m most excited to see what they do with the stages this year if they’re gonna be the exact same or not. Wompy Woods was a breathtaking creation and is probably one of the coolest stages I’ve ever been too in my life! This B2B is going to be a rollercoaster ride full of filth and raw emotion. So perfect.” - Christian (most excited for Excision b2b Illenium. Follow him on twitter, @fuknwelded)


Who are you most excited to see at Lost Lands or on the Lost Lands livestream?! Keep a lookout for more Lost Lands articles preparing for the upcoming months. Don't forget, Lost Lands tickets are still available, but act fast before they sell out!!

I can’t wait to hear how everyone’s Lost Lands is going to be this year! See you in Dinoland!

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