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The dinosaurs are calling us all back to Legend Valley for another soul-shaking event, known as Lost Lands, on September 27th – 29th, 2019. For the third year in a row, Excision will bring this 3-day, massive bass festival to Ohio for all Dubstep and dinosaur lovers to be transcended into a real-life Jurassic Park. This is my third year attending and I could not be more excited ( be sure to check out my Lost Lands 2018 experience). Excision has strived and succeeded in making each year better than the last by getting feedback from us, the fans. This year is no different - Lost Lands 2019 is filled with NEW and exciting things!

Raver Girls at Lost Lands Festival


First and foremost NEW for 2019 is opening Lost Lands early access camping up ON Wednesday, September 25th! Last year was the largest campground ever held at Legend Valley; in 2019, Lost Lands camping will be even better by having an extra day to get settled in. You won’t have to stress over missing any sets because no stages will be open. Lost Lands just wants you to settle in and catch up with fellow campers. The main goal is for Lost Lands Early Access Camping on Wednesday is to reduce wait times and traffic for everyone - hopefully, this will help! The camping pre-party will take place again this year on Thursday, September 24th. REMEMBER: those tickets are a SEPARATE PURCHASE from your festival wristbands. Wednesday Early Entry includes Thursday pre-party access, so you do not need to purchase both.

A new addition to Lost Lands this year is the redesign of the Dino Den into three different camping experiences, adding in Tent-ONLY camping. Quiet camping will be more secluded for the best experience and tent-ready camping has also been added to GA for closer spaces at more affordable prices. Excision and the Lost Lands team have also added GLAMPING this year! If you haven’t seen what premium camping looks like you need to check it out! CAMPING PASSES ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.

Another big change for 2019 - Sound Camps will be relocated to be inside the main venue! This will be really convenient because right after the festival, you can stick around for the after-party that's close to the food and drink vendors

If you aren’t camping and choose a hotel with a shuttle spot you are in luck, Lost Lands has added more shuttles to the schedule for you to still make it to every set! If you're coming from out of town, be sure to check out the Long Haul Shuttle. The Long Haul Shuttle is for those coming from a nearby city that don’t want to drive. Instead, you can hop on this shuttle all the way to Legend Valley. Check out their website to see if your city is listed! I have seen this with other festivals and I have heard they are a blast to ride on.

Lost Lands Shuttle Map 2019

Also brand new to 2019 is the Producer’s Den - a one of a kind experience only Excision could bring together for those who have been creating music or just wanting to know how the nasty wubs are made.  The lineup of artists that will lead the workshops is beyond amazing. Passes are available only Friday or Saturday and include 5 HOURS with amazing artists working on a lot of nasty bass.

Additionally, the Lost Lands team is working hard on making water even more accessible this year. Their website states that they are, "improving the entire water station experience by investing in multiple layers of fail-safes in case excessively wet weather conditions lead to our water wells failing when they are needed most." If you aren't planning to bring a refillable water bottle (which I HIGHLY recommend you do, or invest in a hydration pack), Lost Lands' cap on water has and will continue to be $2 per bottle. This is exciting news for fellow festival-attendees, as we all know, that buying water throughout the day can be quite pricey!

The 2019 Lost Lands lineup has not been released yet, but I'm positive that Excision and his team are cooking up a soul-shattering lineup this year! Keep an eye out on Lost Lands and Excision’s social media for updates (including the lineup announcement) and ticket info and all your bass needs.

I'm positive that the 2019 Lost Lands is going to be a blast and looking to be better than the years before, three times the charm works for those t-rexs. I hope to see you in Legend Valley and stay safe! There are still tickets available with payment plan options. 

Ready to rage? Watch the official 2019 Lost Lands Trailer:

And, don't forget - you can relive last year's event by listening to Excisions' 2018 Lost Lands Set!


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