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Electric Daisy Carnival returns to Las Vegas for its 28th year next month. The three-day event takes place May 17th through the 19th at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Whether you are an EDC veteran or a newcomer, there’s a lot of planning and preparing to do. This event is one you do want to be prepared for.


For those still trying to plan hotels, flights, and rental cars, do not fear. There’s still time. The EDC Las Vegas website has options for flights and hotel booking at a discounted rate. You’ll get exclusive headliner-only pricing, free parking at the hotel, and discounted resort fees. All you have to do is put in the dates and the number of people in your group and you’ll get a list of hotels on the strip or close to it.

Allegiant is a proud sponsor of EDC Las Vegas and will give you plenty of options from wherever you are. The two airports that you could fly to are McCarran International Airport and North Las Vegas Airport.

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If you’re not camping, the best mode of transportation will be by shuttle or car. For those that choose to Uber, just be aware that it will be very expensive to go to and from the event since it's outside of Las Vegas. For my first EDC, I drove and it was a great experience. Parking is organized and you get in and out fairly quickly.

At EDC Las Vegas 2021, my group and I bought the shuttle passes and they were lifesavers. It was a fun experience going to the event with everyone on the shuttles. We had a miniature pre-party on the way to the event. The only downside is, that if you’re staying until the very last set, you won’t get back to your hotel until about 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. because of the line. Regardless, it was totally worth it.

The shuttle passes have multiple pick-up points from different locations on the strip. The passes are currently sold out, but there is a waitlist. For those who have the shuttle pass, make sure you arrive to your location a little early in case there’s a line and so you have time to go through security.

Last year the shuttles gave out EDC Las Vegas 2021 fanny packs as a souvenir which was awesome. I used it all three days to hold my necessities for easy access. I still use the fanny pack for other events as well. Hopefully, they will have some merchandise for everyone this year!

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EDC is not for the weak. It’s an event that is literally from sunset to sunrise, so get ready. The week prior make sure to get eight hours of sleep each night and hydrate. If you go to EDC Week or some pool parties a couple of days before, take it easy. You don’t want to exhaust all your energy before the event starts. Liquid IV, electrolytes, and water will be your best friend during the event. Here are some tips for how to stay healthy at a festival!

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If you are scrambling to find outfits last minute, iHeartRaves has your back. Shop online and pick up your order in-store at the Lux Rave Pop Up at the Luxor hotel throughout the week of EDC and into the weekend. You can even stop by and shop in-store if you want to do that instead! Here is everything you need to know about the Lux Rave pop up shop.

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EDC is a magical experience. It’s not just about the music. There are art installations, performers, carnival rides, and downtown EDC. Downtown EDC is where you can find the chapels to get married, a karaoke bar, an open theater, and a silent disco. The most important tip I can give you is to explore. Go to each stage to discover a new favorite artist, walk through the unique shops, admire the art and performers, and build connections with people from all over the world.

EDC has so much to offer, so don’t forget to truly take in the whole experience. The three days will be over before you know it. Don’t forget peace, love, unity, and respect. Look out for one another and have the best time!

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