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How To Stay Healthy at a Festival

How To Stay Healthy at a Festival

Festivals are an amazing experience and I recommend everyone to go to one at least once! They usually take over the span of a weekend, and despite them being super fun and exciting, they can take a toll on your mental and physical health.

It takes a lot of energy to travel to festivals and walk around the festival grounds all day and night and I know that myself and many others often feel drained after a weekend of raving. Here are some tips to stay healthy at the festival to make sure that you are bringing the best energy to them!

Stay Hydrated!

One of the most important rules for ravers, especially those that attend festivals that last all day and night and can take place outside in heat, is to make sure to stay hydrated! Drinking a lot of water can help you feel rejuvenated and is an important habit to keep both at the festival and outside, especially at festivals that take place in high temperatures. Water will help regulate your body temperature and to make sure that you don’t overheat.

For 21+ ravers that like to enjoy a drink or two at festivals, it's even more important to drink more water because alcohol will dehydrate you faster. Bringing a hydration pack is super useful and convenient for making sure that you stay hydrated, and if you don’t have one, bringing in an empty water bottle is also a great idea as well since most festivals have water stations where you can get water for free. If you want to bring hydration to the next level, bringing in powder electrolyte is a great way to make your water taste better!

Choose Healthy Food and Drink Options

Festivals always come stocked with amazing vendors for foods and drinks. Typically, you’ll find fast foods like pizza, fried chicken and fries at many vendors. Making sure that you are eating is a great way to stay energized at festivals, however, choosing healthier options, like salad bowls or wraps, will definitely make you feel a lot better!

Fueling yourself with clean calories will assure that you don’t feeling sluggish, especially if you are eating out the whole weekend at a festival. Go for healthier options like sandwiches and fruit smoothies to make sure you are fueling your body with the best foods. You can even bring and leave some protein bars in your car and bag to eat before and after the festival to make sure that you are eating better and getting the calories in.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

If you are 21 or older, having a few drinks with your friends at raves can be fun and enjoyable! Make sure that you don’t overdo it and to space your drinks out evenly throughout the night. Drinking too much and too fast can lead to negative experiences, and will definitely make you feel exhausted the next day. So make sure that you and your friends are drinking responsibly and never drink and drive! Always have a designated driver or use a ride share service.

Healthy Skin!

It's important to take care of your skin and and body during a festival as well. Lots of festivals take place outside during the day where there is a lot of sunlight so bringing in accepted sunscreen (which usually excludes spray sunscreen) and applying often throughout the day will make sure that you are protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays if exposed all day. Having a sunburn is never fun! Bring a pair of UV sunglasses to protect your eyes during the day too.

COVID Precautions

It is a blessing to be able to attend events after such a long pandemic, but know that it is still important to stay healthy especially with COVID-19 still around! Read up on mask and vaccine/COVID testing mandates for each festival to make sure you go prepared with what you need. Masks are a great way to add accessories to your outfit and you can find a lot of cute styleshere!

Staying Healthy Before and After

Making healthy choices leading up to the festival is a great way to make sure that you stay healthy. I’ve noticed with myself and with friends that staying fit before a festival will improve your stamina a lot—so if you can, try to get some workouts in before you leave for a festival! It can be as easy as getting in a 30 minute walk a day or going to the gym.

During the weekend of a festival, eat a healthy breakfast and lunch before heading out so that you are providing your body with enough nutrients and calories to last through the day and night. When you get back from the festival, it’s tempting to attend after parties and rage more after but getting enough sleep before the next day will help you feel energized before more raving!

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