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If you’re a raver, growing up becomes less about trips to Disneyland and more about planning trips to see your favorite DJs at some of the most mind-blowing festivals around the world. But be warned! Traveling to a 3 day weekend at a festival is definitely different than planning a trip to Anaheim.

Buying the ticket is the hardest part about planning for a music festival. Once you buy your ticket, the rest of it is a breeze if you prepare ahead of time! Here are a few tips on How To Travel For Festivals in 2023!


Do your research

Doing your research and getting informed about your festival is one of the funnest parts about planning for your festival weekend! From watching festival recap videos on YouTube to finding outfit inspo on Pinterest, there are plenty of ways to understand the vibe of your fest & what to bring!

Make sure to also research the area you’ll be visiting! Although certain festivals are located in remote areas, you might be able to find some nearby attractions or Instagrammable murals to check out outside of the festival. Either way, it definitely pays to be prepared to get the most out of your weekend!

Create a Game Plan

Coming up with the logistics of how things will go down can make the weekend seem way less daunting and much easier to be excited about. Logistics can include:

Who will be driving
Splitting costs (gas, food, accommodations)
Who will be booking the Airbnb or hotel

Doing this in advance can essentially cut costs and diminish any pre-festival jitters, so make sure to get a group chat going before the festival to make sure everyone’s on the same page!


Location determines a lot of things, including the weather and what kind of outfits you’ll be wearing each day. Make sure to do a little research about the location your music festival will be in, because most of the time if they’re in the US, your festival is bound to be in some remote location in a random state with pretty unpredictable weather.

If you plan to travel to a music festival outside of the US, you’ll want to make sure you have your passport & any immunizations you might need to get in and out of the country. 


The festival you end up going to will determine where you ultimately end up staying. If you’re able to buy your festival tickets ahead of time (6 months to a year is ideal!), you’ll be able to save A LOT more on your accommodations versus if you were to randomly full send the festival 3 months before (I highly do not recommend this but it's also not impossible!). A few options for lodging include:


Camping is probably one of my favorite ways to enjoy a music festival. It is the best way to meet new people outside of your group and connect to the festival in ways you couldn’t just going to and from a hotel. Campgrounds typically have their own events going on outside of the fest so make sure to check out our 4 Secrets To Having The Perfect Camping Festival Experience blog for tips on how to best prepare!


In some instances, booking a hotel or an AirBnb may be the better or only option if your festival doesn’t offer camping or their own accommodations. Make sure to check out the official festival website for their suggestions on where to stay, since there are often deals between the festival and local hotels that also offer shuttles to the festival.    


If you’re rolling deep with a squad of 10 or more, you may want to look into booking an Airbnb. These stays offer plenty of space for people to sleep and hang out in, and aren’t as restrictive as some hotels. If you prefer to stay at an Airbnb, make sure to book ahead of time since the best ones book out months in advance & make sure to keep an eye on those pesky fees - they can really drive the price up!



More likely than not, you’ll be road tripping with some of your best friends and what’s not to love about that? Road trips mean road trip snacks, jamming out to N’SYNC B2B *your fav DJ* and last but not least: SPLITTING GAS. Sounds like a win, win win to me!


If you plan on flying, however, you’ll want to get on that ASAP if possible. Typically though, you’ll find the best prices if you buy your tickets 3 or more months for domestic flights & 6 or more months for international trips. Don’t forget to take advantage of any airline point systems and reward credit cards if you’re able to take on the responsibility of a credit card!


If you plan on staying at the hotel and don’t want to operate heavy machinery going to and from the festival, almost every festival offers shuttle options to get you to and from designated locations safely. Just make sure to keep an eye on shuttle schedules so you’re not stuck having to pay a ridiculously inflated price to take an Uber down the street!

Fast Charging Stations

We’re living in 2021 and smart vehicles are the wave, and probably the most eco-friendly way to get to your festival. If you plan to pull up in your Tesla or any other EV (electric vehicle), you’ll want to make sure you’re able to locate the nearest charging stations. Festivals like Coachella are nice enough to provide a small list, but others may not be as thorough. 

Packing Lists/Checklists

If this is your first time traveling for a music festival and have no idea where to begin with a packing list, no worries! We’ve got you covered. Check out our Ultimate Camping Festival Checklist for a comprehensive list of things you definitely won’t want to forget when you’re miles away from home!

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