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SnowGlobe is the pinnacle Winter rave event. In the past, temperatures have even dropped to 7 degrees, making the phrase “winter rave” into no joke. Since the weather always calls for bundling up and keeping warm, creativity is pushed to the limit. Here are some ways to show creative expression at SnowGlobe.


With just your face showing, or at some points only your eyes, makeup is a key to adding some flair to your look at a cold rave! Glitter is always fun for flashing lights at a rave, and face jewels are simple enough to add one or multiple for different looks.

I saw a lot of blue and holographic/silver colored makeup/glitter at Snowglobe, which iHeartRaves has tons of options for. 


Holographic and Blue Glitter

Get glit in the Beauty & Glitter section of iHeartRaves.com 

rave girls matching in brown furry hoods

rave couple wearing matching glitter at snowglobe

rave girls staying warm at snowglobe

rave girls wearing matching face jewels


Seamless Masks

Seamless Masks are a fun take on a way to keep your head warm. There are so many variations from trippy prints to mermaid vibes - the options are endless. Seamless masks are a perfect way to give your look that extra "pop."


rave girls pose in the snow at snowglobe




Onesie crews were found all over SnowGlobe! If the clothes that are keeping you warm are pretty dull, just throw a onesie on top! They’re also a great way to create a fun squad outfit.

ravers stay warm in onesies at snowglobe

ravers matching in orange onesies

rave girls wearing matching zebra onesies

rave girls wearing pink onesies at snowglobe

ravers walking through the snow at snowglobe

ravers wearing matching sleeping bags

rave group matches in character onesies

rave group matches in space theme onesies

rave friends enjoy staying warm at snowglobe


Colorful Accessories

Some of your favorite rave accessories can easily be layered for a flashy winter rave outfit. I saw a lot of fluffies and some cool leg wraps layered over warmer clothes to add some splashes of color!

Blue Sparkley Leg Wraps and White Fluffies

Deep Sea Blue Glitter Leg Wraps, Solid White Fluffies

Big Coats

Long and super fluffy coats were all over SnowGlobe. Since a coat is the biggest key to staying warm when it’s this cold, people got creative wearing some fun fashionable pieces.

rave boy wearing large fur coat at snowglobe     rave girls wearing large fur coats at snowglobe

rave friends stay warm in fur coats at snowglobe

rave girls having fun in the snow at snowglobe rave girls enjoying snowglobe night life  rave couple stay warm with big fur coat at snowglobe

rave girls wearing matching white fuzzy jackets  

 Get your own faux fur coat from iHeartRaves.com!

Blue Fluffy Furry Coat

Sunglasses, Ear Muffs and Random Accessories

These items may not have always been functional at SnowGlobe, but they were definitely fashionable.

rave girl dancing up front at snowglobe

ravers posing with alien toy at snowglobe rave girls pose in the snow at snowglobe  rave girl wearing fuzzy outfit at snowglobe

happy rave girl dancing at snowglobe


rave group enjoying night life at snowglobe



rave girls wearing matching cat mask at snowglobe



Check out all over print leggings like this in the bottoms and booty shorts section of iHeartRaves.com 


Stand out in the crowd with other colorful Rave Accessories, such as diffraction glasses, fluffies, hair accessories, and more from iHeartRaves.com.


All photos by Alexa S.

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