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With spring already here, that means festival season is just around the corner! One festival that happens this spring is a must go for lovers of house, techno, and everything in between is Desert Hearts Festival. This festival takes place at Lake Perris, California and spans over 5 days from April 28 - May 2nd. Here is everything you need to know about this festival!


Desert Hearts festival used to take place at Los Coyotes Reservation, however, this festival is taking place at a new venue this year, at Lake Perris which is around 2 hours away from Los Angeles and San Diego. With a new venue this year, that means more surprises as to what to expect for the festival grounds, stage, layout, etc.

Desert Hearts never fails to go all out with the stage, decorations, production and vibes so it will definitely be something to look forward to! There will be campsites, bathrooms with showers, plenty of grass to dance around, and a huge beach that will have swimming access to the lake!

Make sure you respect the grounds; it’s a California State Land so treat the community like it’s your own, pick up after your belongings and make sure to not leave anything behind. The lineup can be found here, where you can also buy tickets.

The Vibes

Desert Hearts strives to bring creativity and respect for one another into the community and dance floor. Here is a list of the Desert Hearts Code of Community:

  • Foster free creative self-expression and self-discovery
  • Encourage free-thinking and individuality
  • Focus on our community first
  • Consent is MANDATORY!
  • Look out for one another and lift each other up in a positive way
  • Hold one another accountable with both our personal integrity and the integrity of our collective community
  • Strive to give back to our local communities
  • Encourage participation and self-reliance
  • Respect the natural environment
  • Believe in the balance of both the sacred and the temporal
  • Inspire one another to proliferate these values in the world

Not only do they deck out the festival with amazing decorations, they encourage festival-goers to decorate their campsite, bring cool outfits and costumes, bring sculptures and art, and anything that you believe brings out your true and creative self. They host lots of artists and events like live painting, face and body painting, art displays, interactive art and installations, and performances as well. Imagine being inside one big art gallery with some of the best DJs bringing everyone together on one stage.

Festival Activities

Besides catching some of the best Desert Hearts DJs at this festival, there are also plenty of activities that this festival hosts, such as the Healing Sanctuary that hosts various forms of healing like sound healing, crystal healing, reiki, energy work, spoken word and relaxation and recharge zones. There’s also lots of workshops such as flow and yoga classes, speakers and presentations and many more!


Desert Hearts is a camping festival, which is a great experience to be immersed in the music all weekend long. Each pass comes with camping access, with options to add passes for your car and/or RVs. You get the option of car camping or RV camping. For car camping, you get an allocated spot next to your car to set up camp and for RV camping, you have the option between regular sites or Premium RV sites, which comes with electrical hookups, picnic table, charcoal grill and lots of space for your RV.

We have a guide on what to bring to a camping festival here. It includes everything you need from camping gear to veteran tips on what will make camping at a festival feel like a hotel. But we've also got this blog post on secrets to having the perfect camping festival experience if you want even more tips!


This festival takes place in the desert area, so temperatures during the day can get pretty high, averaging around the 90s and reach cooler temps at night, around 40s. It is encouraged to bring layers that you can remove and put on easily for weather changes, so pack your cute rave fits and jackets!

There is plenty more information about the festival that you can find here which has more info on rules and regulations and what’s allowed into the festival, as well as important policies regarding the land that the festival takes place on. Overall, Desert Hearts is like a canvas for festival goers to spread creativity and respect and many more of the PLUR values in the rave community for not just other ravers, but for the environment as well. Definitely check out this festival if you want to experience some of the best vibes and best music all in one place!

What to Wear

The vibe at Desert Hearts is all about expressing yourself, so wear whatever you want. You can experiment with new looks or go with a trusted vibe that you feel comfortable in. There really are no limits and the whole festival encourages you to express yourself. There are a lot of people that go with a more boho look because the festival is pretty laid back, but don't let that limit you. Here are some favorites you can check out from iHeartRaves for Desert Hearts!

Wild West Enchantress Outfit

Hot Springs Hottie Outfit

Boho Beauty Outfit

Desert Drama Outfit

Strawberryscape Outfit

Material Girl Outfit

Ride the Wave Outfit

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