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Bass festivals are for everyone, and that means that you'll see lots of different styles on the dance floor when you're out. The real question you should ask yourself is “what kind of vibe do I want to bring with me to a bass festival?“ And yes, it’s true, bass music is definitely a little more on the hardcore and edgier side, but it’s perfectly acceptable to want to bring some preppy vibes into a bass crowd. 

Light Me Up Outfit 

Ignite My Fire Lace Up Outfit

Dark and Edgy

If bass music was a country, black would be its national color. Monochromatic black looks are the most popular style you will see while attending a bass fest.

To make your outfit, go from basic to baddie, make sure you look out for the details you are including in l your look. Keep an eye out for sets that include buckles, chains, mesh, fishnet, or straps all over. And don’t forget about the accessories. If you are doing an all black look, some would even argue that the accessories are even more important than the set itself. Add an under-bust corset, fishnet stockings with garters, a collar style choker like the Faux Leather Choker with Mini Ring, a chest or a leg harness, or anything with chains and spikes and you will be set for the first drop. 

Circuit Breaker Spliced Fishnet Crop Top

Rolita Couture X IHR High Energy Splice Galactic Groove Outfit

Cybernetic Fishnet Ultra Crop Top

Neon Vibes

There is nothing cooler about an outfit than going under black light and seeing your outfit light up even brighter than it was during the day. Find pieces to add to your outfit that say either “neon “or “UV'' in the item description. I like to add neon pieces to a black set to add a little bit of spice without getting too colorful. Try incorporating pieces such as neon fishnet, jewelry such as the Neon Boom

Bolt Earrings, a shrug or under-bust to your look, or pick a top that is neon while keeping the rest of your fit neutral to add a pop of ultraviolet color to your look. 

Mellow Flow Outfit

Rolita Couture X iHR Electro Matrix Outfit

On The Move Outfit


Psychedelic Haze

Think 70s fashion meets rave. Basically anything with mushrooms, marijuana, melting smiley faces or trippy looking fabric, will do the job here. And for accessories, pick a color within the marble look of your outfit that is the non-dominant color or is absent but still complementary to help emphasize your accessories rather than having them blend into the fabric. Bucket hats are relatively popular at bass music festivals, too. Adding one like the Midnight Lava Bucket hat to a trippy look is the perfect finishing touch to set your vibe.


Liquid Tripp Cutout Outfit

Deep Night Rainbow Reflective Cutout Top


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