What To Wear To HARD Summer Music Festvial
Photo Credit: Insomniac
Julia Sachs | June 30, 2023

What To Wear To HARD Summer Music Festvial

This is your somewhat comprehensive guide on what to wear to HARD Summer Music Festival. Continue Reading
HARD Summer 2019 Lineup
Photo Credit: HARD Summer
Kellie Burch | July 31, 2019

HARD Summer 2019: Sets Not to Miss

HARD Summer is well known for dropping some of the best lineups for summer raves. We all know this, and we eagerly anticipate any of their lineup drops. This year, they’ve not disappointed! Here are 5 sets that made MY list of ones that I’ll be bouncing and grooving to all weekend long!

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HARD Summer Outfits
Kellie Burch | July 19, 2019

HARD Summer Outfits

Hard Summer 2019 is pretty much going to be the apex of neon fashion this summer. A summertime racetrack event, it promises to be hot-hot-hot. No SoCal rave feels more ‘summer’ than Hard Summer, and I can’t wait to be out there checking out the fashion. In preparation for the event, here are a few neon looks I’ve come up with to inspire your looks for the event. Continue Reading