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Calling all lovers of techno, house and a fun weekend: Movement Festival is back in action after 2 years! This festival is for any raver who is a lover of techno and house, or wants to try out a smaller festival. Movement Festival will be taking place this Memorial Day Weekend, May 28th-30th at the Hart Plaza in Detroit, Michigan. For those that are planning to head there this year, here is a guide on what to wear to the festival.

Wear Black!

With the festival featuring lots of techno and house DJs, it is a given to choose a black outfit. Techno ravers love to wear dark colors and blacks to fit in with the deep beats of techno music. Here are some black outfits that you can wear.

No Escape Outfit

Critical Movement Outfit

Digital Revolution Outfit

Android Angel Outfit

Zero O'Clock Outfit

Deep Dark Dazzler Outfit

Enchanting Charmer Outfit

Circuit Breaker Outfit

Neon Colors

If you want to pop out from the crowd, neon outfits are the way to go. The bright colors are a great contrast against the dark music and you will for sure fill the room with electric vibes from the neon colors. Here are some neon outfits to bring with to the festival.

All Eyes On Me Outfit

Neon Supremacy Outfit

Melty Mood Outfit

Bite This Outfit

Magic Psychedelic Outfit

Glow Getter Outfit

Electric Empire Outfit


Extra accessories can take an outfit to another level. Here are some that would be the perfect pairings for a techno and house heavy festival.

Life's A Party Pearly Rhinestone Visor

Lil' Drizzle Glasses

Fiery Queen Sunglasses

Hats and Hair Accessories

Lots of people miss out on accessorizing their hair and head. Here are some pieces that will turn your outfit from great to amazing. Hats are also useful for blocking out the sun during hot, Detroit summers!

Neon Visions Bucket Hat

Euphoric Shrooms Bucket Hat

Wearing wigs is such a creative idea that many ravers don’t think about. They can come in bright colors and are a great contrast to black outfits that you might wear to Movement Festival.

Rave Kulture Kreations Heaven Sent Wig

Lunautics Crypto Metal Hair Extensions

Flashy Star Cluster Hair Clips

Chains and Harnesses

These are great pieces that you can layer on top of your outfits, even your old ones that’ll turn it into something new. They give an edgy look to whatever you pair it with, which goes perfect with the techno vibes at Movement.

Under Control Chain Harness

Roma X iHR Get it Choker & Cuff Set

Lost In Chains Faux Leather Belt

Movement Festival is the festival to be at this spring! It is perfect for those who love house and techno, as well as those who want to experience a new vibe and a fun time. No matter who you check out at Movement, these outfit ideas will keep you looking like a babe all weekend long and will keep you on your feet dancing through all the stages.

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