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Ravers don't know limits, but we do know how to party despite the weather. It's easy for us to let music take over us, dancing the reality away. In this article, I´m going to help you get through the winter and early spring festivals as a winner, giving you some tips, tricks, and options to create the best winter festival fit.

We usually relate festival season with summer. That's why, at least for me, when winter comes around it's harder to think about what to wear to feel cozy and comfortable while still slaying a look. 

Add Layers

Layering is the best advice I can give. You can make any summer outfit work for winter if you adjust it to work with the cold. What about mesh clothes? There are plenty of options for it, like body suits, shirts, sleeves, pants or full body. This is going to help you keep your skin covered and keep you warm.

Lunita X iHR Sweet Serendipity Outfit

Silly In Space Fishnet Outfit


You can add a pop of color or match it to the print of the principal pieces of your outfit, use the mesh on the top of the clothes or under them, it depends on what you prefer. 


Find Cute Outerwear

Outerwear is essential. During these months the wind gets cold during the night, and if you are one of the ravers who enjoy looking at the sunrise, puffer jackets, fringe jackets and fur coats are going to be your best friend.

Rainbow Slay Reflective Cropped Puffer Jacket

Happy Hour Cropped Puffer Jacket

If you prefer long or cropped, the biggest advantage of this option is that you can take it out every time you want to and take it off when you get too hot. You can use them as a complement to your outfit or you can run the outfit around them. Choose colorful options, reflective or shiny! Have fun and don't be scared to risk. 

Flashbang Matrix Reflective Cropped Puffer Jacket

Don't Forget Accessories!

The lifesaver: Accessories.This is a nice way to spice up your outfit during the winter season! Look for cute ear-muff shapes, wear your favorite DJ’s logo on a pashmina and level up your shoes with warmers. Also, visors are a good option to protect your face from the freeze! Play with the accessories to create a look that reflects what YOU are. 

Cosmic Butterflies Rainbow Ombre Pashmina

Dark Nirvana Pashmina

Remember there are clothes made specially for cold weather, but being creative it’s always more fun!

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